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Perfume Diaries: Killer Queen Oh So Sheer By Katy Perry


My teenage dream (yes, I’m talking about Katy) is at it again cementing her fun-loving nature by releasing yet another feminine and oh-so-very-Perry perfume.

Limited edition Killer Queen Oh So Sheer by Katy Perry ($59) is her 4th foray into the fragrance bizz, which in the celebrity perfumery world is pretty fantastic, it means her previous releases sold extremely well world wide. No real shocker really, she’s worth an estimated 75 million US dollars herself, so her brand managers must know a thing or two about her, and how to market the supernova!

Anyway, enough about money (it’s an unfashionable topic) and back to prettier things like Katy’s new fragrance!

Many people snub celebrity perfumes because they prefer the designer elite, but after wearing this fragrance for the last fortnight I can say I throughly enjoyed it and regularly received complements while wearing it.

The scent can be described as a fruity cocktail thats been pumped with sugar. A blend of mulberries, elderberries, black current (yes it does have a hint of a Ribenna smell) and dark plum make the first spritz very refreshing and nose tingling. Kind of like when you place a whizz fizz in your mouth.

After about an hour the mid notes take hold and you will be pleasantly surprised to find a wafting floral aroma emerge. This time it’s a blend of velvet red flower, jasmine, freesia and plumeria. For me, the freesia stands out the most and sits beautifully on the skin.

The base notes consist of decadent Kashmir wood, liquid praline (yum!), caramel (double yum!) and patchouli. Just by rattling off those ingredients I feel like an extra standing next to a giant gingerbread man in Katy’s videoclip California Girls.

Katy Perry_Killer Queen_Oh So Sheer_Sarah What_Sarah Sayers_Sydney Beauty Blogger

Interestingly, I didn’t find this fragrance too sweet which I presumed I would. I’ve put this down to the fact that floral notes are in the mix which helps to balance out the fruity sugary components.

Oh, and how could I have forgotten – how glam is the perfume bottle? I love how it rests on my beauty table like a giant jewel. #PRETTY

Will I be wafting around in this scent for the next few months? Yes! Will I be wearing it to Katy’s concert in November when she arrives in Sydney? Umm der?!

Head to your nearest Myer or Priceline and get spritz happy kids. I’m sure you will love this fragrance as much as I did.

SS x