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Part 2 of my journey to straighter teeth + 5 of my trusty Invisalign tips


Hello gorgeous Sarah What readers!

A lot has happened (and for the better) since my last Invisalign post back in October, and I’m not just talking about the HUGE changes in my mouth.

Not only has a fresh new year started but I can officially say that Madonna has left the building – and if you read my first Invisalign post (read it here) you’d know that means my much-complained-about gap has almost completely closed!


engagement ringAnd, can I just say that this fix has come at an excellent time. Right now, as I type away at my keyboard I’m wearing a little special something on my ring finger. That’s right I’m officially off the market.

What better accessory to accompany my engagement ring then a straight smile at upcoming pre-wedding events and of course my wedding! Every brides dream right?

Invisalign, my teeth straightening treatment of choice can be thanked for the obvious super speedy change to my dazzlers.

The virtually clear plastic aligners that sit in my mouth 22hrs a day have straightened my teeth on the bottom row (no more awkward crowding) and my Madonna gap has been pushed tightly together to the astonishment of friends who were cynical to begin with (and have now booked themselves in for their own appointments ha!)


Although Invisalign seemingly performs an absolute magic trick (just look at my results so far below!) to those you don’t often see, here are a few of my own personal tips to follow that will make sure you get the results you are after and deserve.

I’ve detailed them below so that if you’re considering this treatment you will get a genuine inside scoop on how to make the most of this pretty orthodontic option – after all they are much nicer to look at than braces!


1. Practice makes perfect. The first week wearing Invisalign you may be given a ‘practice’ pair of aligners (plastic trays). I seriously suggest wearing these the full 22 hours a day, despite the fact that they aren’t actually moving your teeth yet. Getting used to having the trays in your mouth for long periods of time in essential to enjoying this experience. It will also help you get in the habit of taking your aligner case with you EVERYWHERE. Which brings me to…

2. Take your aligner case with you at all times by placing it in your handbag! Nothing is worse than forgetting this trusty box and having to wrap your aligners in a napkin at a restaurant while you eat (aligners must be taking out at meal times to avoid breaking them.) As human beings we need vital re-fuel breaks during the day meaning your retainers will have to come out from time to time. Fact: This case will be just as important as reminding yourself to place the actual aligners in your mouth.

3. Keep your retainers bright by cleaning them the correct way. I like to place my trusty pair in a glass filled with luke warm water and one Brite retainer cleaning tablet. This usually cheap viagra online fast shipping happens after I’ve quickly gulping down my morning coffee and have forgotten to take the poor suckers out. No one wants coffee stained aligners do they? Alternatively you can also clean them with a soft bristle tooth brush .What ever you do make sure you don’t use a cleaning agent too strong that will break down the plastic. The beauty of Invisalign is that the trays are practically naked to the observing eye – you don’t want to highlight them with stains, even if your next set is only a fortnight away.


4. Be cruel to be kind. After I brush my teeth at night before bed I made sure my aligners are placed back in my mouth and pushed in firmly. Because you’ll be sleeping, this will be the longest time your aligners will be in your mouth without disturbance, that’s why it’s important to make sure they fit perfectly in every nook and cranny even if it hurts a little bit when switching to a new tighter pair. I like to make sure mine have a snug fit by biting down on a little chewy plastic sponge that you can get from your treating doctor. For me, the sensation can be a little bit painful on the first night of a new set, but I always thank myself come morning when I take them out to see just how much my teeth have improved in such a small space of time!

5. Take your aligners out correctly to stop any damage to your attachments. One thing you should get attached to in life is your Invisalign attachments! These small invisible porcelain dots are placed strategically on certain teeth (I only have four – three on my upper row and one on my bottom) by your Orthodontist and are what literally help to pull your teeth into place, hence why you should have a clingy love affair with them. Because you need to treat them with the respect  they deserve, don’t just yank them out from the front and in doing so accidentally detach any of them. I suggest placing one finger at the back of your aligner and find an air pocket which will help you lift your retainer out easily.


I’m currently on my 12th set (time has flown!) and I only have a few more sets to go until I’m done.

Although I’m beyond happy just knowing my teeth will be straight and my gap completely gone, it’s even nicer knowing that this has all happened even before my engagement party. The thought of wearing braces to this major life event makes me shudder.

I’ve always been ultra self conscious of my gap, so knowing that I’ll feel confident smiling in my wedding snaps (and being a past wedding writer I know there will be thousands) just makes the whole treatment even more merry.

Stay stunned for my last post where I’ll show a complete before and after as well as what minor tweaks I will have to do in the final months.

SS x