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Shop My Picks From Lush’s Very Festive 2015 Christmas Bath & Shower Collection – So Much Glitter & Good Vibes


Guys, it wouldn’t be Christmas without a stop off at Lush to collect a basket full of festive bath and shower treats to indulge in over December and of course to gift to loved ones on Christmas day.

I’m a very Christmassy type of person – in my opinion it’s the best day of the year – so to extend it over a month by using all of Lush’s extremely festive beauty offerings is kind of heaven to me.

I was really lucky to attend the Lush Christmas Bizarre not too long ago in Sydney with a few other beauty bloggers and vloggers.

Here are some of the amazing things I got to play with on the night, and later at home! Weeeee!



Myself (fourth person from the left) and a few other beauty bloggers/vloggers listening to the Lush Christmas Bizarre presentation. I learnt that even the glitter sprinkled all over the sparkly bath bombs is 100% natural and vegan friendly – most glitter is made from plastic. Lush invented a type made from seaweed extracts. So amazing!




A standout bath product on the night was Lush’s Holly Go Lightly Bubble Bar.

Covered in silver glitter, when you break open this gorgeous pudding-like bubble bar you will see a rich green centre that smells like a refreshing wild forest. It contains uplifting lime, patchouli and cinnamon leaf oil. It also makes the bath a really fun festive green shade!

Shop it: Lush Holly Go Lightly Bubble Bar, $10.95


Posing for a snap with the beautiful, kind and funny Rosa from Lipstick n Linguine.


Look at this stunning display. So swoon-worthy!



By far my favourite product from Lush’s 2015 Christmas Collection. Say hello to Santa’s Belly – a shower jelly that sits wobbly in your hand but has the ability to wash off daily dirt. This cute jelly can last up to 3 weeks+ and smells really fruity thanks to fresh apple used within the formula – I also love the shiny stars that dissolve as you use it.

Shop it: Santa’s Belly Shower Jelly, $7.95


How delicious does this log of Lush’s ‘The Icing On The Cake’ Roulade look? I just want to grab it with two hands and take a bite!

This pretty pink scroll acts as a soft and creamy shower soap and looks exactly like a slice of sponge cake in a delicate marshmallow shade.

By using this roulade daily you will nourish skin with ingredients like creamy almond milk, chestnut puree and fresh orange, lime and lemon peel. Delish!

Shop it: Lush The Icing On The Cake Roulade, $11.95


Lush are renowned for their lip softening Lip Scrubs that buff away at dry skin leaving smooch-able lips.

Luckily, in time for Christmas, they have released Santa’s Lip Scrub. This tiny glass pot filled with gritty caster sugar, dates and cherries is perfect as a stocking filler or a cute gift for friends. It smells strikingly like Cocoa-Cola too!

Shop it: Lush Santa Baby Lip Scrub, $9.95


If you prefer shower gels/creams to traditional bars of soap, you’ll love this bottle of Lord Of Misrule.

The green cream will clean your body head-to-toe and cover you with a creamy scent of sexy black pepper, vanilla and patchouli oil. This is actually a really nice shower product to gift to any gents in your family!

Shop it: Lush Lord Of Misrule Shower Cream, $10.50


Lastly, Christmas is all about fun – think about all the food, drinks, sparkly makeup and glitzy clothing – it kind of makes sense to add even more shimmer with a bar of Lush’s Magic Of Christmas Fun – a sparkly pack of 4 shades (white, red, blue and gold) that can be moulded into anything (like play dough) while you clean in the bath or shower.

This is the perfect gift for you, a young-at-heart friend or cute juniors in your family.

Shop it: Lush The Magic Of Christmas Fun, $9,95


There you have it! My beauty picks from Lush’s 2015 Christmas Collection. It was very difficult selecting just a few things because everything is divine – but I’m sure you’ll find something from the above list to either gift to yourself, or someone else, this Christmas!

Time to head back to the bath and soak in my Holly Go Lightly Bubble Bar and play with Santa’s Belly while I drink some champagne. That sounds very naughty doesn’t it?!

SS x