October 7, 2014 1 Comment Beauty

SHOP NOW: From Nail Polish To Hair Serum, Here’s The Best Pink Beauty Products Worth Blushing Over

pink lips and nails Pink – it’s the kind of colour to instantly make a girl feel happy.

Doing my makeup this morning, I realised I was literally surrounded by pink beauty products – I must gravitate towards them.

Here’s my edit of my current favourite pink beauty bits and bobs.



Pink Beauty Must-Shop List


Smitten Cosmetics Mineral Eyeshadow in Perfect Plum

A totally wearable pink eyeshadow does exist! This notoriously hard-to-wear shade looks gorgeous in a moody deep plum with a hint of sparkle. I also love that this is a mineral shadow, making it a healthier alternative for your skin. $25

Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Jelly


One of my daily must haves. If my skin is ever feeling thirsty, I cleanse my skin and slap on some of my trusty Hydraluron Jelly. It instantly adds a hydrating barrier to your skin stopping it from feeling sore or tight. $40

Quick Fix Facials Mega Moisture Gel Mask

Another product for those who want to inject moisture into their skin. Because it’s summer, you’ll want to have that beautiful dewy skin that everyone is after. By giving yourself a regular moisture mask your skin will literally sing with radiance. This one is a cheap but effective choice that can be picked up from your local Woolworths. $8.95

Suigo Rose Hairspa Affable Gentle Shampoo


The most gorgeous scented shampoo since EVER! Smelling like turkish delight this shampoo lathers up beautifully and leaves your hair silky and sweet smelling. Ingrediants like ‘apple milk’ stimulate your scalp and oat extracts give off amazing shine. One to definitely add to basket! $38.50

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish in Pinky Promise

sally hansen pinky promise

Sally Hansen’s new collection or gel nail polishes come in a range of fresh and summery colours. One of my favouites being this milky pink shade cutely called ‘Pinky promise.’ This gel colour doesn’t require a LED light to set, so once you buy the shade you’re good to start painting your nails. Sweet! $16.95

MUD Crazed Candy Lipstick

Another affordable beauty buy. MUD’s lipsticks come in fail-safe on-trend shades including this sparkly rose-tinted colour. It isn’t long wear but it sure does pack a colourful punch that looks beautiful with sun kissed skin. Oh! It’s also only $5 from Woolworths!

Smashbox Be Legendary Lipgloss in Pout


One of my favourite summer lip glosses – this high-sheen baby pink lipgloss by Smashbox is opaque in colour and smears on beautifully. If only all glosses were created equal and made to this perfection. $29

Beyonce Heat Wild Orchid EDP

This scent by Bey is for the young at heart! When I spray on Beyonce’s Heat Wild Orchid I’m instantly transported to the Easter Show when I was in my mid-teens – it must be become this perfume smells like fairy floss liquified. It’s currently 40% off at Priceline. $35

Barry M Duo Pencil Sharpener

barry m dup pencil sharpener

I picked up this tool by Barry M while I was in London. This double ended sharpener can create pointy ends on both thick and thin lip and eye liners. It’s encased in a clear plastic shield so that all of your shavings are kept inside and won’t messy up your beauty space. LOVE! $4

Molton Brown Pink Pepperpod Body Wash


Currently the most used item in my shower, Moton Brown’s Pink Pepperpod Body Wash ins’t something to turn your nose up at. Spicy and sweet all at once – it’s as if George Clooney has transformed into a body wash (just like Alex Mack in the 90s) and you get to experience what he would feel like in lather-form – it’s that good. Don’t deny yourself the pleasure. $39

Snob Girls Procure Defence Hair Capsules

I rave on about Snob Girls A LOT! But, what’s not to love? I mean, the serum comes in a cute little gel capsule for goodness sakes – this is haircare made fun! These pink capsules are filled with rosemary oil, sesame extract, vitamins A, B3, C, E and H! The key ingredients help to calm and renew dry damaged, colour treated hair. Just rub into your ends after washing. $15

Transformulas Lip Volume:


For big va va voom lips you NEED Transformulas Lip Volume. The clear gel when swiped over your lips instantly creates a slight tingle. A peppermint smell will then hit your nose. After a few minutes your lips will look noticably more plump – no needles needed! $49

Calvin Klein Down Town EDP:


Sexy and free-spirited, this scent will make you feel like slipping on your favourite ripped denim, a simple white-T and heading down to your local beach bar – it’s that summery. Top notes include pear and lemon – fresh! $53