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10 Unique Ways To Use Rose Hip Oil In Your Beauty Routine For Healthy Skin, Hair and Nails


I am a huge rose hip oil fan.

I’ve been using it so religiously that it’s become a permanent fixture on my bathroom vanity along with toothpaste, makeup remover and face cleanser.

Because it’s been one of my go-to’s for the last few years, I’ve found so many uses for this precious oil. You really don’t have to be restricted to using it as a nightly serum before you catch some zzz’s – it cures almost any ailment.

For those who aren’t too chummy with rose hip oil yet, it’s a pressed oil harvested from the fruit of wild rose bushes, not the flowers (a common misunderstanding.)

This nutty scented oil contains provitamin A and is high in essential fatty acids like omega 3 and omega 6. Because of this, rubbing a small amount into your skin at night will help add life, vitality and reduce signs of ageing due to it’s ability to encourage a higher skin cell turnover rate.

trilogy certified organic rose hip oil

There are many brands who now sell rose hip oil on the market, but my favourite is always Trilogy’s Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil.

I tend to buy their larger 45ml bottle, $35.95, because I use rose hip so generously in all of my beauty routines, whether that’s to repair my skin, hair or nails.

I stay loyal to Trilogy because the rose hip oil they source always contains at least 80% minimum fatty acids (the ingredient that makes your skin glow!). The brand is also widely recognised for being ethically and environmentally conscious – a big plus for me. Oh, and also Kate Middleton is just as obsessed with their rose hip oil as I am.

Without further ado, here are 10 unique ways to use rose hip oil that you might not have know of!

1. Soften your elbows and knees

Restore dry elbows, knees and ankles by applying rose hip oil nightly. Within a week you will notice that they will become baby soft thanks to the rich fatty acids.

2. Keep your skin hydrated during long haul flights

Nothing is worse than departing a long flight with tight, sore skin thanks to the harsh in-flight air conditioning. During your travels apply rose hip oil to your face every few hours to keep your skin plump and fresh.

3. Tame crazy fly-aways

If you are constantly being challenged by misbehaving hair, rub a tiny drop of rose hip oil between your palms and flatten any naughty frizz. Your hair will look healthy and shiny as well!

4. Relieve sore cuticles

If your cuticles are unsightly, rub a small amount of rose hip oil onto them nightly to add moisture, relieve any inflammation and heal broken skin. Any excess oil can be rubbed onto the back of your hands for an added hand treatment to aid dryness.

5. Use as a pre-shave treatment for sensitive legs

During winter our legs tend to become ultra sensitive. If this sounds like you, apply a little rose hip oil to your shins and thighs before you shave to protect your skin from any abrasion and to soften the hair follicle.

6. Diminish the look of scars

Whether you’re sporting a huge bruise or have stubborn scar tissue, a few drops of rose hip oil can help to soften the tissue and allow the powerful omegas, vitamins and fatty acids to fix damaged skin. Please consult with your doctor first as to when you should start adding topical creams and serums.

7. Make your own dewy foundation

Nothing says healthy skin quiet like a dewy glow. Make your own hydrating foundation by mixing together a drop of rose hip to your every day liquid foundation. This feels beautiful on dehydrated, tight skin.

8. Cure dry, chapped lips

If you are constantly battling dry, chapped lips consider giving yourself a lip facial by first exfoliating your lips with a warm wash cloth and then covering them in rose hip oil for at least half an hour. The rose hip will soften dry tough skin and rehydrate your painful pout.

9. Correct the pH levels in your skin

If you’ve gone overboard with harsh chemical-based facial cleansers and are feeling the side effects (you’re probably looking pretty red faced right now), you can correct the PH levels in your skin by applying nightly rose hip oil until your skin is back to its happy self.

10. Make your own body polish

Body polishes/scrubs are big business in the beauty space right now. You can make your own luxe, hard working body scrub by mixing rose hip oil with sugar. Apply in circular motions all over your limbs and allow the rose hip to soak in for at least 5 minutes before washing off.

Do you love rose hip oil? How do you generally use it? Have you learnt any new ways to apply it from this post?

SS x