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7 Fail-Safe Ways To Avoid Scaly Dry Winter Legs


We’ve all experienced it. It’s mid-winter, you’re rugged up on the couch and suddenly while sweeping a hand over the shins of your legs you feel a rough dryness and what looks to be scaly skin!

What the heck? In pure horror, you get a closer look and wonder when your legs aged 20 years overnight.

During autumn and winter the temperature drops and with that the humidity levels is the air change, too, meaning less moisture. Basically dry air leaves skin parched so we end up with scaly unattractive legs.

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Girls, don’t be defeated though. We can put an end to this dilemma. There’s no need to go through this horrifying situation every. single. year.

The key here is to be more prepared, so I’ve jotted down 7 important tips that will have you striding through the cooler months with the most healthy, hydrated and smooth legs yet.

1. Avoid overly hot showers


Hot showers feel amazing. I know this because I’m a huge fan. In fact when I leave any bathroom the room is so steamy anyone would think I’ve turned on a fog machine normally reserved for ‘rave caves’ or children’s parties.

Hot showers aren’t good for us, though, due to the steam and heat stripping natural oils from our skin making limbs feel tight, sore, itchy and dry.

Try your best to switch to a lukewarm temp.

2. Don’t use soap


Haha – this title is funny – especially because it’s written on a preachy ‘keep clean’ beauty blog.

I don’t mean ‘don’t wash and clean yourself’ – instead give up harsh soaps that are filled with detergents that agitate the skin and rob it of any moisture.

I suggest QV Gentle Wash. It has a less soapy, more creamy consistency that rids the skin of germs without stripping oils. It contains no soap, colour, lanolin, fragrance or propylene glycol.15% Glycerin.

Shop it: QV Gentle Wash, $9

3. Don’t ditch your exfoliating routine


In the states, girls describe dry skin as ‘ashy’. I think it’s a perfect description of scaly skin that hasn’t been properly exfoliated.

Imagine you rub your arm or leg against a rough surface and you look down to see what looks like scraped powder on your legs. This is actually your dead skin cells that you haven’t properly removed.

I suggest exfoliating once a week. This will literally solve half of your dryness issue.

I love BioElixia’s Body Shaper Exfoliating Body Polish. The consistency of this exfoliator is interesting because the granules are super fine, yet actually scrub away at the surface of the skin better then most traditional exfoliators due to luxurious and hard working ‘micro-crystals’. Along with the crystals that polish the surface of the skin, Hyadisine adds instant moisture leaving it feeling seriously smooth.

Shop it: BioElixia’s Body Shaper Exfoliating Body Polish, $23

4. Use an in-shower skin conditioner


Hair has come a long way since the invention of hair conditioner (no more knots and so much shininess!). It was first created at the turn of the 20th century by well-known perfumer Ed. Pinaud in Paris. The French – they always create the good stuff.

Just imagine if Ed hadn’t come up with such a genius idea. Well, luckily we’ve suddenly smartened up to the importance of using an in-shower body conditioner too! It that works the exact same way the hair kind does (it took us enough time).

After shaving, don’t jump straight out of the shower – slather on LUSH’s gorgeous ultra-thick and natural Ro’s Argon Body Conditioner.

The argon oil will really breathe new life into your skin, you’ll be walking around with Kendall Jenner-esque legs in no time. Believe me, this stuff works!

Shop it: LUSH Ro’s Argon Body Conditioner, $32.50

5. Pat dry skin after shower, don’t rub

Towel Parchment

After emerging from the shower, let your pores soak in some of the remaining moisture lingering on your skin.

I like to wrap a towel around my body and brush my teeth – allowing my skin an extra few minuets to soak in the residue.

Next, I pat dry my skin as to avoid irritating my skin.

6. Apply a hydrating body cream


Once skin is dry, smoother on a luxe, hydrating and natural body moisturiser.

My go-to is Trilogy’s Firming Body Lotion. I’ve used this for so long and it’s never let me down. The cream has a gorgeous scent of lavender, frankincense and rose geranium (Trilogy’s signature scent.)

I like this cream because it’s light weight, absorbs quickly meaning no gooey mess and your skin feels more firm thanks to stimulants like caffeine and rose hip oil.

Shop it: Trilogy Firming Body Lotion, $25.95

7. Rug up from the elements


Like I wrote above, cold weather wrecks havoc on your skin, drawing out all moisture. Chilly wind also plays a large role, making our limbs feel chapped from ‘wind burn’.

If you are following all of my steps above, I suggest protecting your newly exfoliated and moisture-treated legs by wearing warm clothes.

Sexy doesn’t always equate to mini skirts in sub-temperatures. Guys will find you just as attractive (if not more!) in a pair of snug skinny jeans – cover your body and save yourself from unnecessary dryness over the cooler seasons.

Hope these tips help!

Sending e-hugs,

SS x