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Add Some Pep To Your Step With Palmer’s Refreshing Cocoa Butter Purifying Face Mask


Hi beauty lovers!

I always find it hard to convince myself to do anything too strenuous on the weekend, especially with my ‘Monday to Friday’ being so busy filled with events, meetings and writing as much content as possible.

On Sunday, I had to literally talk myself into going on a hike (which turned out to be very scenic and beautiful!) so I needed something to super-charge my batteries before I set off, I needed to feel a little pampered!

After a delicious grilled halloumi focaccia, a strong soy latte and a few energising jumping jacks (lol!) to no real effect, I had no other choice but to pull out the big guns at 11am when I still hadn’t felt the ‘pick-me-up’ I was after.


My go-to was a cooling, hydrating and purifying face mask to shake me out of my daze. Guess what? It worked!

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Purifying Mask did the trick with its magical mix of detoxifying kaolin clay, sweet almond oil, cocoa butter (Palmer’s signature ingredient), shea butter, evening primrose oil, menthol (that literally makes your skin feel alert and awake), aloe vera, chamomile and milk proteins.


The formula is very thick and creamy and spreads like a dream. I concentrated it on the planes of my face to really help refresh my skin. I loved how the rich formulation felt cooling straight away – I even had to switch off my office fan.

I was so surprised (and I love surprises!) to find that although the mask was filled with extremely hydrating ingredients like evening primrose oil, cocoa butter and aloe vera – it still set like a typical clay mask! I was expecting it to stay in its creamy state until I washed it off.

This mask really helped to reduce the redness of some of my blemishes, remove excess oil along my t-zone and extract toxins from my skin due to pollution and the few wines I had over the past few weekends!

It left my skin feeling plump and renewed, while my pores seemed to look a lot smaller thanks to the aloe vera and cooling menthol.

I recommend this mask to anyone looking for a little pick-me-up throughout the week (or next weekend!).

Shop it: Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Purifying Mask, $9.99 (what a steal!)

Have you used any Palmer’s Cocoa Butter products before? Do you enjoy cocoa butter as a beauty ingredient? What is your favourite face mask?

SS x