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Beauty Product Must-Have: Argan Oil, God’s Real Gift To Women

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Right now in the hairsphere many girls are wondering whether they should invest in argon oil, because it’s just like all the other miracle hair oils out there right? It’s just anther craze like moroccan oil, noni juice, Pitera (think SK11) or jojoba serum that will go under my bathroom sink, without actually being used due to a vague description.


Argon oil has received critical acclaim because of it’s anti-wrinkle properties, benefits to skin tone and hydration and its versatility.

You’ve probably watched commercials or seen the words ‘argan oil’ written on everything from face creams to shampoo and conditioners.

To begin with, I have used all of the above buzz word ingredients I listed before, and yes, I do think that they made a difference to my skins overall appearance, depending on if I used them topically or ingest them. However, and there is always a however… none have been as versatile as argan oil!

Having thick mid-length hair, and combination skin with occasional eczema, this product is one of my most highly used. If I’m feeling particularly drab I can do both a hair treatment and a hydrating facial with the same miracle product all at once and look noticeably better the next day.

Raw argan oil is composed of a high percentage of vitamin E (more than twice as much as olive oil). The remainder of the oil is made up of 80% fatty acids, including hard to obtain Omega 6 and Omega 9 acids. These are key to promoting optimal skin health.

I use Kahina 100% Organic Argan Oil from New York. This bottle not only looks pretty on my bathroom vanity, but it lasts so long! This light and non-greasy formula absorbs instantly giving my skin quick hydration.

Here are two ways to use this product on your skin or hair to gain the most from it.


facial serum

After emerging from the shower your skin is at its most supple and warm due to the opening of your pores and the steam from the shower. Now is the time to take a small amount of the argan oil (about the size of a 5 cent coin) and gently message into your skin on all planes of the face. The high antioxidants and powerful healing properties mean that you won’t be left with a oily face, but with skin ultra hydrated. I suggest doing this at night time before bed when the skin is most relaxed and won’t come into contact with any pollution that the day will normally present. In the morning wash off as you have your shower.

DIY Argan Oil Hair Mask

hair treatment

Many beauty products already claim to have agran oil within them as it’s now scientifically proven to restore hair faster than many other oils. The percentage of raw argan oil that is placed within these commercial products is far lower than what you would get if you actually dis a pure argan oil hair treatment yourself. That is why I prefer to make up my own solution with Kahina’s Organic Argan Oil.

Rinse your hair with warm water (normal shower temperature) you can do this in the shower or with your head under a sink. Hop back out and pat dry hair. Your hair follicles will now be open due to the heat, so massage in your argan oil. The amount you wish to use depends on your hair length and thickness but I would use a dribble the same size as a 50cm coin. Rub into your lengths. Leave this in for as long as possible, or for at least half an hour to gain maximum benefits. Hop back into the shower and continue to shampoo and condition like normal.

And, if you really have no time for hair treatments…


Instead of buying a shampoo and conditioner that claims to have argan oil, make up your own solution! Take your regular conditioner and pour in about 50 ml of argan oil and give it a good stir and shake. You can now use this every time you need to condition your hair. Leave in for at least 3 minutes in the shower; the heat from the shower itself will activate this product to allow it to work.

I hope you’ve found this information useful. Give this product a try, it adds instant life and vitally to both skin and hair!

SS x