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Chanel Le Weekend De Chanel – The One Product I’ll Wear For The Rest Of My Life


If I could choose only one product to spend my hard earned cash on, it would be Chanel’s Le Weekend De Chanel Renew Cream, $148, every single time.

If you don’t speak French frequently, this cream basically translates to: ‘The Weekend’ From Chanel. Ta Da – French basics done and dusted!

I’ve been using this cream most weekends for the last year. Each time I smear it on my face (morning and night) I wake up the following day to an even, less blemished, super hydrated and glowy complexion. It has never ever let me down.

Chanel’s Le Weekend cream is actually part 3 of a trio of creams from Chanel’s Resynchronising Skincare range.

This three part collection also features Le Jour De Chanel (English: The Day From Chanel), and La Nuit De Chanel (English: At Night From Chanel).

Chanel's Resynchronising Skincare range

By applying Le Jour in the morning and La Nuit at, you guessed it – night, and then switching to the Le Weekend cream for 48 hours at the end of each week, together the three will restore skin to it’s optimum state of even, supple, hydrated goodness.

Le Jour is made from grasse jasmine extract to invigorate skin, while salicylic acid gently exfoliates.

La Nuit on the other hand features a delicious concoction of frankincense extract to calm the skin in the evening as well as hyaluronic acid to help plump up and keep your derma hydrated.

Le Weekend, the third product from the range and the one that I’m obsessed with features soothing rose water and a gentle glycolic acid complex that gradually exfoliates and moisturises your skin all at once.

Wear this cream over the entire weekend and you really WILL have glowing skin come Monday morning when you’re back at the office. Hence why I can’t live without it.


So – the reason why I have stuck with, and continue to purchase Le Weekend alone, over continuing to wear the entire trio, comes down to a few simple and personal reasons:

1) I’m a beauty guinea pig – I try every lotion and potion under the sun for my blog and freelance writing, so I can’t really stick to just one regime for life, even if it is as luxe as this system from Chanel.

2) Secondly, the whole basis of Le Weekend is to give your skin a rest. It literally renew’s your skin by using gentle ingredients that restore and give you an even, smooth, blemish-free complexion.

clear-skinThis is super important for me as I douse my skin in products each day from a thousand different brands. I always look forward to the weekend because I can use this one product and I know my skin will be back to it’s best by Monday.

For the two reasons merged together above, I only need, and will always need, Le Weekend De Chanel as it continually renews my skin each week.

I will buy this cream for the rest of my life – or until it get’s discontinued (sob!). Please never ever do that to me Chanel. You’ll turn me into a mad scientist – I’ll be madly whisking away at ingredients in my makeshift lab (kitchen) until I eventually recreate this stunning product.

If you would like to give Chanel’s Le Weekend a whirl, you can pick it up at David Jones for $148.

Lots of love from moi and Coco Chanel,

SS x