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Dr Bronner’s Organic Bar Soaps Are The Best For Sensitive Skin!

dr bronners soap

Literally the only soap I’ve been washing with this winter is by the skincare legend Dr Bronner.

Many of you may be familiar with this brands gorgeous minimal packaging and it’s signature pop brights on bio-degradable paper. It’s hard for these bars not to look adorable stacked on any bathroom vanity!

dr bronners soap unwrapped

Each of Dr Bronner’s Organic Bar Soaps are made from pure castile (unless you’re from the UK, that means it’s made from olive oil and vegetable extracts), they have been certified with the Fair Trade tick of approval, and they use only the most precious certified organic oils to replenish the driest skin.

Everyone knows I suffer from eczema (I blab on about it almost way too much!) and this winter it has hit hard.

The only way to stop it rearing its scaly head is by not having excessively hot showers (pretty hard to cut back on in winter, I must say) avoid sugary foods (also impossible), and to look for other alternatives to woollen jumpers that won’t cause irritation (are you serious eczema, it’s winter for goodness sakes?!) so for me eczema is pretty much unavoidable.

Dr-Bronners-Magic-Soaps-All-One-Hemp-Eucalyptus-Pure-Castile-SoapThe only way to make it liveable is by treating my skin buy viagra online california kindly with products that add instant moisture back into the upper derma. This basically means cutting out all products that contain any harsh chemicals or faux fragrances, that way my skin doesn’t become sore and inflamed. No one want’s to look like they’ve been scratched to death by sand paper.

Dr Bronner’s soaps have made my skin feel heavenly – or at least what normal skin should feel like! My skin not only is comfortable now when I come out of the shower, but the natural scents leave it feeling loved and girlie – something eczema prone girls often have to skimp on! Wah! sad-face-emoji

Another perk to this soap is that it’s only $6.95 a bar. From experience, many body washes for sensitive skin come at a pretty hefty price point – so this is also refreshing.

Dr Bronner, you’ve truly raised the bar (pun intended!)

To get yourself a few of these soaps, you can either purchase them online here, or check out the full list of stockists here including David Jones!

SS x