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I’ve chit-chatted a lot on Sarah What lately about the wonders of ditching nasties like parabens, phthalates, alcohol, fragrances and artificial dyes from your skin care products.

So when these First Aid Beauty (a.k.a FAB) products landed in my lap I was more then happy to put them to the test – and by ‘put them to the test’ I mean ‘put them all over my skin’. I feel as if I’ve developed quite a niche in the sensitive skin department! Troublesome easily-irritated skin runs in my family. I have random bouts of eczema and my mum suffered from psoriasis for a long time until she gave up cosmetics with all the naughty stuff listed above.

What’s really interesting about FAB, though, is that their products have tried to keep a certain level of luxury. The creators didn’t want their creams, washes and serums to be lack lustre just because they couldn’t put irritants in them like faux fragrances and colours. Instead, working alongside a dermatologist, they have found natural alternatives that add even more benefits to your skin care routine, and instead of just stopping soreness and scratchy skin, they also build up a protective barrier!

The two products I trialled were the First Aid Beauty Gentle Body Wash and the First Aid Beauty Body Moisteriser. Here’s my breakdown on each.


First Aid Beauty Gentle Body Wash

This mild creamy cleanser ($16.95) has the ability to spread and lather easily all over the body with only the smallest amount despite the fact that soap isn’t one of the main ingredients. Instead citric acid is added to help renew skin at a cellular level (great if you have scratched your skin very severely in the past) and glycerine to moisturise the skin.

Another key ingredient unique to FAB, and within this product, is there antioxidant booster which is a hard working cocktail of liquorice root, white tea and feverfew – together buy sildenafil citrate 25mg they combat free radicals. Free radicals – in very simple terms – are abnormal cells which have been mutated due to bad environmental factors such as pollution, radiation, poor diet and chemicals.

Because of this ingredient, using this body wash doesn’t just stop your skin from being irritated, it protects it for the future as well! Pretty impressive stuff.

I’ve really enjoyed using this body wash. It’s made my skin feel really soft, and I never leave the shower feeling itchy at all!

Last year I had a stint of contact dermatitis – now before you think I contracted some weird form of rabies let me tell you that contact dermatitis is caused from using products that irritate your skin. It causes micro cuts that then welt and become extremely itchy. Imagine a mosquito bite x 1000 then spritz lemon juice all over it to really feel the burn! I was at the time using a body wash that could be bought from any supermarket, my skin just couldn’t cope with all the hard to pronounce unnecessary ingredients in the bottle. In comparison, the FAB body wash really is a god send.

First Aid Beauty Body Moisteriser

This is a great light weight, fast absorbing cream ($19.95) for your skin when it’s having a good day. If your skin is really crying out for help you’re better off using FAB’s Ultra Repair Cream which has even received rave reviews from Dr Oz.

This moisturiser also contain’s FAB’s antioxidant booster – so your skin will be soothed and moisturised during your wear.

Although the price for each may seem quiet steep when you compare them to similar products that are also targeted towards those with sensitive skin, keep in mind that they also have natural ingredients that stop future irritations. This range is a fabulous example of prevention over cure.

Do you have sensitive skin? Does this sound like a range that will fix your woes?

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