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Glam Glow Review: Glow On… This Mask Is A Must

It’s been glamorously crowned Elle Magazine’s No.1 beauty obsession, and beauty bloggers the world over have bowed down and given it their prestigious “Holy Grail Beauty Product” stamp of approval. So what exactly is Glam Glow? And why has everyone turned their face in it’s direction – not to mention without a greasy pore in sight?

Luckily, I’ve decided to get my hands dirty and find out for myself. Leave the hard work to the professionals I say! And by dirty, I literally mean playing with mud.

Glam Glow was dreamt up by a clever duo in California who were looking for a product that would eliminate grease and oil on the faces of the entertainment industry. A blend of AHA and BHA acids, charcoal, clay and eucalyptus oil would be applied to models, actors and presenters faces just before they had their makeup applied, it would be left on for ten minutes and this would occur:

Glam Glow_Sarah Sayers_Sarah What_Sydney Beauty Blogger

I’m imagining Micha Barton on the set of The O.C literally falling off her seat (back in the day) from pure shock!

The oil trapped in pores is miraculously sucked out and left to dry on the top of the mud. Once washed off it reveals super soft skin that’s bright and more youthful. Makeup would then be applied before filming and no skinny T-zones would appear. Clever!

It was only until these starlets started having these pre-shoot facials regularly that they noticed their blemishes, and the size of their pores, would visually diminish over time. Glam Glow not only had short term results but long term! Cue money baths for the founders.

I picked up my tiny tub from Mecca Cosmetica for $75. Although the tub is quiet small, and the investment for this face mask is hefty, I can honestly say that it’s the most fun I’ve had since I learnt about pore strips (thanks Bioré) way back in high school. You can visually see results – and fast! I applied a thin layer of the mud on my nose and within one minute it started to dry, leaving me with a tingling sensation and what looked like minuscule oil puddles on my nose and around my face. Sorry if I’m making you search for there nearest bucket!

Glam Glow_Sarah Sayers_Sarah What_Sydney Beauty Blogger.

You can spot treat problem areas or you can treat yourself to a full facial. I left my mask on for ten minutes until my face was completely stone grey (the colour it should be once it’s completely dry). You will then be able to visually see your problem zones as they will appear darker. Thats the oil sitting on top of the dried clay. You can tell from my photo that my trouble area is the ridge of my nose and the highest planes of my cheeks. I like to call this the zinc region – where you apply sunscreen when you go to the beach.

To be honest I’m completely addicted because I love to see results fast. However, if you are expecting this mud to draw out dark blackheads and large pimples in one use, you aren’t understanding how this product works. It draws out oil immediately, to rid shine for perfect makeup application. Only over time, once you repeat use, will you see these stubborn blemishes disappear due to the size of your pores diminishing.

My recommendation for anyone wanting flawless skin is to have a proper in-salon extraction facial first. Then later in the week, after you’ve had said facial, start a weekly Glam Glow regime to improve the size of your pores and the reduction of oil production on your face.

I hope this review helps anyone wondering if they should jump on the band wagon to decide to give it a go. Your skin will most definitely love you for it and you’ll have an absolute ball.

SS x