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Look glam on a uni student budget: Microdermabrasion for smooth blemish-free skin


Sometimes living on a tight budget can make you cut corners you never even knew existed.

I’ve met university students who have lived off a diet consisting of just baked bean jaffles and cheap wine from a box!

Most girls who are currently studying will know all too well how expensive it is to survive off a part-time job while paying for textbooks, food, clothing, basic social outings and excess Instagram date usage. 

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I’ve got a funny feeling Bar Rafaeli has had a few microdermabrasion treatments. Look how glowy her skin is!

With this in mind, how in the world are girls also meant to pay for all of their personal upkeep like regular eyebrow waxes, manicures, facials or even standard hair cuts?

In this thrifty beauty web series, I’ll be showing any female (who lives in Sydney) how to look gorgeous, well-maintained and glowing on a teeny tiny budget.

Step away from the scissors and stop cutting your own hair – it’s time to take full advantage of the amazing services and excellent beauty skills at the Australasian College Broadway.

Students at the college are taught by the Australian beauty industries best educators and will have you walking out the door looking more polished than ever before for prices that are ridiculously cheap.

In this series I’ll be trialling out all of the services that the college offers to the general public at a fraction of the price including:

1. Glowing Skin – Microdermabrasion ($30 a session – I know can you believe that price?!)

2. Chic hair cuts and dye jobs (From $0 – $50)

3. Relaxing massage therapy and body scrubs ($30)

4. Waxing and hair removal from eyebrows to legs (from $5 to $15)

5. Mani and pedi ($10)


The Australasian College Broadway’s beauty room when all consultations take place

The topic of this post will be on how to improve the overall look of your skin at a minimal price thanks to microdermabrasion performed by the girls at the Australasian College Broadway – for only $30 a session. Most clinic’s charge at least $110 per session.

Microdermabrasion works by smoothing out the surface of your skin by:

a) removing bumps and dead skin cells

b) clearing out blocked pores and…

c) buffing away at fine lines.

All of the above is achieved by blasting tiny crystals onto your upper derma and gently removing the outer layer of your skin.

It’s basically an exfoliation and skin rejuvenation procedure that leaves skin looking softer and ohhhhh so amazing!

If you’ve ever suffered from hormonal acne or if you’re starting to see fine lines appear – this is the treatment for you.

When you arrive for your session at the Australasian College, your facial technician will ask you whether you would like a crystal or hydro microdermabrasion.

Microdermabrasion Crystals

Microdermabrasion crystals

The key difference is hydro uses a diamond head on the wand of the machine and pushes water as well as crystal into the pores of your skin so that you are receiving a hydrating exfoliating facial while crystal microdermabrasion is considered a more intense exfoliation as it uses crystal particles alone to get deeper into your pores removing dead skin cells and revitalising the skin. Because I like to throw myself in the deep end, I chose the later.

To start the procedure, my technician gave me a double cleanse with a gentle cream cleanser – this was the relaxing part. She then toned my skin to neutralise my PH levels before turning on the microdermabrasion machine.


My face before microdermabrasion

Once the machine was switched on, she performed lymphatic drainage on my face and neck using the nozzle on the wand of the machine and air which worked like a mini vacuum on my face.  This helped to detoxify and bring blood to the surface of my skin which is excellent for circulation.

After the lymphatic drainage, she switched on the crystals and started to perform microdermabrasion on my skin. In all honesty, this treatment doesn’t tickle. It literally feels like your face is caught in a sandstorm and your upper derma is being blasted off to reveal seamless skin.


My microdermabrasion technician hard at work at the Australasian College Broadway


Crystals being blasted onto the surface of my skin helping to remove dead skin cells

After pushing the wand both horizontally and vertically all over my face and blasting crystals into my skin, I felt a little sore and I was happy when my technician wiped off all the remaining crystal sediment and applied a cooling, hydrating face mask containing refreshing seaweed.


Post microdermabrasion my face felt a little red and swollen. The calming seaweed face mask made it feel so soft and re-hydrated

She then took off the face mask and applied a serum and a sunscreen to my face. It was then that I was given the following guidelines which are crucial post treatment and must be followed:

1.Don’t exfoliate for the week following your treatment, your skin is way too sensitive and needs some time away from abrasives. 

2. Opt for a cream cleanser as it’s much more gentle when washing your face both morning and night and doesn’t strip moisturising oils from your skin the way a gel wash would.


3. Your skin will start to flake on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th day after your facial. Use an enzyme peel on your face to fix this. Enzyme protein molecules act like mini Pac Man on your face by eating up all the dead skin cells (skin flakes) in their way. I recommend Skinstitut’s Enzymatic Micro Peel, $31.50

4. Pile on hydrating serums and moisturises, your new skin will need as much love as possible. I used the three products I raved about in this post here.

5. Wear lots of sunscreen. I used 50+ and applied it every couple of hours. Because you’ve had the top layer of your skin removed, you are more susceptible to burn and even pigmentation. I recommend Dermalogica’s 50+ Protection Sport Sunscreen, $45

A week after my microdermabrasion I had fresh, younger looking skin. Most of my congestion around my chin was removed and this was after just one session (three sessions is optimal). 

One microdermabrasion treatment at the Australasian College Broadway costs only $30 – that’s an amazing price!

dermalogica_protection_50_sport_spf50_156mlThe student performing the procedure not only understands how skin behaves and how to treat it, but they have learnt in an accredited education facility how to use the equipment and machines properly by the best teachers. These same teachers will also be supervising throughout.

Many commercial clinics Australia wide offer these same services including microdermabrasion, but the beauticians might not even have their certificate, unlike the students who are being schooled by the very best beauty experts.

In my opinion, one of the safest places you really can have any beauty procedure performed is at a college where you know all measures are being taken to give your skin the best results possible.

If you are interested in heading in you can make a booking by calling: 02 8587 8888.

Open hours are:

Monday – Thursday: 8:30am till 9:00pm

Friday:  8:30am till 5:00pm

Saturday: 8:30am till 3:00pm

My next post for my ‘Get Glam On A Uni Student Budget’ web series will shed light on how to update your hair style and hair colour for a fraction of the price. Can’t wait!

Will you be heading in for some microdermabrasion? How is your skin looking and feeling right now? What beauty treatment are you skimping on (but really shouldn’t be) because you’re on a budget?

SS x