November 6, 2015 0 Comments DIY, Skincare

Natural Beauty: A DIY Face Mask For A Puffy Face That Only Requires A Cucumber Found In Your Fridge!


Having a puffy swollen face sucks, but it can happen for various reasons like:

a) You’ve had too many glasses of wine on the weekend;
b) You’ve decided to give yourself an extraction facial (a.k.a you’ve attacked your blemishes and now your face is bumpy, sore and swollen!);
c) You’re sick and your glands have swollen around your neck and your eyes look beady and tired.


If you fall into any of the above categories I have a quick fix solution for you that will get you out the front door with calm skin that doesn’t resemble a puffer fish.

The best part? You only need 1 ingredient that is super cheap and found in most fridges.

I’m talking about applying an everyday cucumber to your face, and not just two thin slices over your eyes.

Kayleen McAdams, CK One Color global makeup artist, suggests grating a whole cucumber with a cheese grater and then slathering it all over you face leaving it to work for ten minutes.

‘It calms, de-puffs and leaves skin soft!’


I’m guessing Kayleen has used this method on a few models over the years! I can just imagine a few plonking themselves into her makeup chair after 1 too many cocktails the night before at A-list parties!

Aside from helping to calm and de-puff your skin, applying cucumber to your face also reduces the look of dark circles around your eyes, it helps to fade pigmentation and sun spots, it adds brightness to the skin, calms sunburn and tightens large pores.

Thank god for this humble vegetable, honestly. Girls, go grab yourself a cucumber and start grating!

SS x