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Product of the week: Vegan Friendly The Humble Bean Coffee Scrub For Silky Smooth Limbs


There has been an explosion of coffee scrubs on the beauty market over the last two years. It’s as if everyone has just discovered the amazing benefits of exfoliating your skin with such an active, energising, ingredient.

Just like how a cup of coffee makes you want to jump off the couch and hit the gym in the morning, applied to the skin, coffee is able to make it feel more rejuvenated (by increasing blood flow and therefor improving your lymphatic system) and the caffeine in the coffee grounds helps to reduce the actually appearance of cellulite and stretch mark scars by plumping up the skin around the damaged area.

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the humble bean

I’ve tried a few coffee scrubs since they hit the market, but I’ve really enjoyed The Humble Bean – my latest find.

Stored in a gorgeous glass jar, this coffee scrub is packed with sugar, spice and all things nice (their words not mine!). Fine pressed 100% authentic Arabica beans and cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil have been blended with brown sugar, coconut sugar and coarsely ground sea salt.

All of these ingredients will help to not only buff away dry skin cells on your body, but also pack in instant hydration for silky soft limbs thanks to the loving coconut oil.

I use the scrub in the shower to cut back on cleaning afterwards with the water turned off. There’s not point applying this scrub to your skin with the shower head on, all of the ingredients will just be washed down the drain a few seconds later and won’t have any time to get to work.


Coffee scrubs work best when applied to damp skin and massaged on in circular motions with your hands pushing up the leg instead of down – this boosts blood flow and helps to tone the area you’re working on. Once massaged on, leave for 2-3 minutes before washing  off.

When you do rinse off,  I suggest you apply some moisturiser all over your body to rehydrate your skin after you exfoliate. Because your pores are open and all your dead skin cells have been removed it’s a great time to apply a really hydrating antioxidant rich cream as your skin will actually slurp it up the better then ever before.

DSC_0257I’ve been smothering my limbs in Paula’s Choice Resist Skin Revealing Body Lotion with 10% AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid). This cream is filled with anti-ageing ingredients and can visibly diminish the appearance of brown spots as well as sooth eczema and assist your coffee scrub to slough away at Keratosis Pilaris (rough dry patches on the skin) thanks to the naturally exfoliating AHA. What’s not to love? Grab yours for $40 for 210ml.

To grab yourself your own gorgeous jar filled with this vegan friendly coffee scrub, you can purchase it straight off The Humble Bean website for just $19.95. Sweeeeeet.

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