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Q&A: Should I Stop Wearing Face Oil/Serum In Summer? Answered!

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Should I stop wearing face oil/serum in summer? I’m worried the extra oil on my face will cause me to breakout! I’m already sweating so much!


This is a fantastic question that I get asked a lot throughout the year, not only in summer.

We tend to worry that applying oils or serums to our face will cause us to breakout because we fear the oil will get trapped in our pores causing blockages and then pimples.

hbz-1012-face-oils-deThe funny thing is, face oils and serums do the opposite! They actually stop our skin from wanting to have a breakout!

Let me explain. Facial oils and serums are great at regulating the oil production (sebum) that is produced by our skin during the day. Our skin wants to produce excess oil to hydrate our skin when it is thirsty, especially in summer.

Because face oils deeply moisturise our skin and keep it hydrated, our skin doesn’t feel the need to go into overdrive and produce excess oil leaving us with a sticky/sweaty t-zone down the middle of our face.

So simply put, it may be your natural instinct to steer clear of face oils in summer, but in doing so you may actually be causing more breakouts than if you were to apply one because your skin will be stressing and trying to produce sebum to hydrate your skin. Wear face oil!

Also, there’s a huge difference between a facial oil and the natural sebum/oil that is produced by our skin. Facial oils are normally filled with nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins that feed our skin with really good stuff to keep us glowing, young and blemish-free. Excess oils that are produced by our skin to combat the summer heat are what cause breakouts and black heads.


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Hope this helps! If you have any other questions (the weirder the better, so don’t be shy!) please post them below!

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