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Q&A: What is a blind pimple and how can I stop it from ruining my life?!



What is a blind pimple and how can I stop it from ruining my life?!


So you’ve got a nasty blind pimple that feels like a hard boil under your skin. It’s probably also pulsating with pain – you poor thing. It really is the most frustrating type of blemish.

The reason they call it a ‘blind’ pimple is because it has no head or entry – essentially others can’t really see it, but you can definitely feel it. It lays so low (literally at the deepest level of your derma near the nerves) which is what makes it so painful.

Blind pimples occur when there is excess sebum build-up causing blocked pores and a deep inflammation. Because the pore is blocked, there is no way for the bacteria to escape so it continues to build and creates a lump as large as Mt Kosciusko.

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So what causes blind pimples in the first place?

  1. Hormone changes (from stress or maybe you’re menstruating);
  2. Using old makeup that contains bacteria;
  3. Not exfoliating (exfoliating the skin opens up your pores allowing dirt and bacteria to escape);
  4. Using dirty makeup brushes, phone screens or pillow slips that also have bacteria.

As you can see, there are many reasons why you might develop a blind pimple, many of which we have no control over (hello hormones!).

So how exactly can you treat a horrible week-ruining (or even fortnight-ruining!) blind pimple?

The best way to treat a blind pimple is to follow these detailed steps:

  1. Never squeeze it. Here’s why: You won’t get anything out. The inflammation is too deep down that all you will do is rip the surface skin causing a scar. Not such a such a smart idea.
  2. Start by treating the lump the way you would a twisted ankle. Ice it on and off during the day to bring swelling down. This is only a good idea if you’ve caught the blind pimple at the very beginning stages, more common if it’s on your chin which you will notice immediately.
  3. After the icing stage, it’s time to move on to ‘heat therapy’. This will help draw the pimple to the surface. After a warm shower at night, take a muslin cloth or two cotton discs soaked in piping hot water, and press the cloth or cotton pads on either side of the blind pimple. Repeat four to five times in a row for at least 3 nights. You need to be patient during this phase of the process.82._B_Detoxifying_Clay_Masque_Top_100ml_1024x1024
  4. After each round of ‘heat therapy’ apply a clay mask to the affected area and go to sleep. This will help to draw the infection out and create a head (as you will know, there isn’t one right now. We want to coerce the infected fluid to rise to the surface). I love Sukin’s Super Greens Detoxifying Clay Mask, $15.95.
  5. If you repeat the above steps for 4 nights straight you will start to notice a head forming. Finally! When you can visibly see the fluid towards the top (like a snowy peak on top of the mountain that’s been on your face) repeat the ‘heat therapy’ step to soften the skin.
  6. Now, take two clean tissues and wrap them around your index fingers. Pushing from either side, with your fingers facing downwards targeting the base of the infection, add some pressure. If your blind pimple is ready, this should do the trick and the pimple will release. Make sure to swivel your tissue-wrapped fingers around the entire base. There shouldn’t be any bleeding, only clear fluid.
  7. Treat the area. Because this fluid is infectious it will cause more pimples so it’s important to cleanse your face and apply an antibacterial toner to the affected skin immediately.
  8. Leave the area alone. Don’t touch the area as this will cause more infection, let it dry out.
  9. Heal. In the following days moisturise to help the area heal without scarring.

Hope this helps! If you have any other questions (the weirder the better, so don’t be shy!) please post them below!

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