December 22, 2015 0 Comments Skincare

Recipe: A DIY Face Mask To Purify Skin & Banish Acne Using Only 3 ingredients: 1 Egg, Yogurt & Almond Oil


I know you guys love DIY face masks – they’re just so handy because everything you need can be found in either your fridge or pantry.

It also means these face masks are 100% natural by default because you can see exactly what’s going on your face while you whisk it all together in a bowl.

Because summer is here in full force, most of us are producing more oil on our faces. It’s our skin’s way of cooling us down.

The only issue with this is our skin can become clogged and congested with excess oil (especially if you aren’t exfoliating to help open up your pores) which can make us have a start-of-summer breakout.


If this is currently you, and you’re thinking ‘how does Sarah know my skin is doing this right now?!’ it’s because you’re not alone. My skin is having a hissy-fit right now!

Luckily I have this amazing skin purifying face mask recipe that cleans out pores, calms skin, kills any germs thanks to its antibacterial ingredients and reducing the redness of your pimples because it’s anti-inflammatory.

So much to love about this mask – oh and you only need three ingredients!


  • 1 egg
  • 1/2 cup plain organic yogurt
  • 3 tablespoons of almond oil


  • Take a small mixing bowl and crack the egg in before whisking vigorously until it becomes foamy (almost like the beginning stages of making a meringue.
  • Add your organic yogurt in spoon by spoon until blended in with your egg perfectly.
  • Lastly, whisk in your almond oil.

How to apply:

  • With clean, freshly washed skin, apply the mixture to your face with fingertips. If you find this too runny, use a clean bristled face mask brush (Ry sells a really good one from BeautyPro, $14.95).
  • Make sure to then recline flat on your back while your face mask sets. Once it stiffens a little bit you can move around the house without the fear of it slipping off!
  • Leave on for 20 minutes before washing off with cool water. Make sure to moisturise straight after to lock in moisture.
  • That’s it beauties! How is your skin coping in the sudden heat? How do you treat pesky pimples? Do you veer towards natural beauty alternatives?SS x