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Review: Goodness Natural Beauty Lab’s inexpensive and environmentally-friendly skincare range


Really, what could be better than finding a skincare range that’s filled with all-natural ingredients at a budget-friendly price? To further excite you, imagine this product line also feels amazing and actually works wonders to clear up your skin?

By this point, you’re either thinking:

a) This doesn’t exist!
b) If it did in fact exist, how come I don’t know about it?
c) How can a brand with all-natural ingredients be inexpensive?

Well I’m here to blow your mind with the brand spanking new Goodness Natural Beauty Lab that has only just entered the Australian beauty market.


Three weeks ago I attended the launch of this new skincare range from the masters behind Trilogy – consider Goodness to be Trilogy’s younger more affordable sister who’s easily available at Chemist Warehouse, selected Woolworths and soon Priceline stores.

At the sit-down breakfast I learnt that Goodness is against animal testing (big plus!), uses biodegradable and recyclable packaging and contains certified organic chia seed oil which helps to plump up the skin with much needed omega 3 to omega 6 fatty acids – you can see why they decided on Goodness for the name – it just has so many winning qualities!

I was able to take home a bag full of this gorgeous range – and I’ve been cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising my skin with Goodness’ products for the last month with fantastic results.

Here’s a detailed review of each product as well as price and current availability.

In Shower


Goodness Every Day Cream Cleanser

Feels like: This 150ml tube of cleanser comes out in a thin satin-like cream that easily covers the whole face with a small 20-cent coin amount. When emulsified with water, this cleanser will not only clean out pores, but help to remove daily makeup and grim while keeping your face feeling fresh and hydrated.

Smells like: Freshly cut grass!

Ingredients: Aloe vera, sweet alomond oil, blackberry fruit extract, vitamin E, apple extract, chia seed, avocado and coconut oil

Price: $16.95 from Chemist Warehouse

Goodness Every Week Face Scrub


Feels like: This 50ml exfoliator also has a creamy consistency but with fine exfoliating particles that help to buff away at dead skin and stubborn blemishes. Although this cleanser is only recommended once a week, I’ve been using it twice to three times a week at night and have found that my skin is glowing! Because the tube is a lot smaller than the Every Day Cream Cleanser (above), I’ve almost gone through the whole thing – a huge feat for any beauty writer!

Smells like: Cut grass but slightly more florally

Ingredients: Powdered pumice, aloe vera, vitamin E, apple extract, rosemary, chia seed, olive, carrot, avocado and coconut oils

Price: $12.95 from Chemist Warehouse

Post Shower 


Goodness Certified Organic Chia Seed Oil

Feels like: This little 20ml bottle of ‘hydration heaven’ applies to the skin in a lightweight thin veil. One drop will cover your whole face and even neckline. This fast-absorbing certified organic chia seed serum doesn’t feel too heavy or oily so it’s perfect to apply at night before heading to bed without waking up and having to wash your sheets. Your skin will be glowing from the inside out thanks to the rich omega 3 to 6 oils.

Smells like: A packet of mixed raw nuts

Ingredients: Chia seed and meadowfoam oil (derived from a frothy white flower, it’s amazing at moisturising skin).

Price: $19.95 from Chemist Warehouse

Goodness Every Morning Moisturiser


Feels like: This super lightweight 75ml morning moisturiser is ultra rejuvenating. Upon massaging onto the planes of your face (only a very small amount necessary) a cooling tingle will spread. This is fantastic in the wee hours of the morning, as most of us sport a slightly puffy and tired complexion, so this really helps to wake your skin up!

I also love the inclusion of hibiscus flower extract, one of the key ingredients, which has the ability to firm and lift your skin, acting like a natural topical botox.

*Do keep in mind that this moisturiser doesn’t contain any SPF, so make sure to slip, slop, slap before you head out for the day.

Smells like: A bunch of fresh pretty posies!

Ingredients: Aloe vera, sweet almond, chia seed, avocado and coconut oil, hibiscus flower extract (this is what gives this moisturiser the gorgeous scent!), bilberry extract (packed with antioxidants, bilberry also feature a collagen matrix great at repairing damaged or aged skin) and vitamin E

Price: $16.95 available from Chemist Warehouse

Goodness Every Evening Cream


Feels like: This small 60ml tub of goodness has the same texture as a thick natural yogurt. One finger-covered swipe from the jar will cover your whole face in a lovely layer of natural ingredients that will get to work making your face plump and hydrated while you sleep.

Smells like: Honeysuckle – one of the key floral ingredients!

Ingredients: Aloe Vera, chia seed, coconut and avocado oil, cocoa seed and shea butter, apple extract, honeysuckle flower extract (acts as an anti-inflammatory) and vitamin E

Price: $19.95

I’ve loved this all-natural range featuring the breakthrough certified organic chia seed oil. Will you be giving this budget-friendly skincare range a go?

SS x