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Scratch this off your list: A skincare line for sensitive and itchy skin

Photo: Taylor Marie Hill

From previous posts that I’ve written here and here, you will know I absolutely LOVE Sukin. The skincare line is famous for its stance against animal testing, being 100 % Carbon neutral, 100% vegan and because it’s proudly Australian made and owned.

With all the ticks in the right boxes, I wouldn’t blame you if you were hard pressed trying to imagine how they could possibly outdo themselves. Than they did this.

Announcing freshly launched, just pumped into bottles and packed for select stores across Australia – DermaSukin, a breakaway range that specialises in skincare for the hypersensitive.

DermaSukin consists of five products that have been designed for sensitive, dry and itchy skin. This whole range is a godsend to those with eczema (me!), dermatitis, psoriasis (my mum!), dry skin, to even common nappy rash! Each product is filled with aloe vera, chamomile, cucumber and sesame – all known t0 sooth the skin and stop it from having a hissy fit.

My skin has been enjoying both the Daily Gentle Wash ($8.95 for 200ml) which has taken pride of place in my shower rack, and Intensive Hydrating Cream ($15.95 for 500ml).

Dermasukin_dailygentlewash_faceandbodywash_sarah what_sarah sayers

The Daily Gentle Wash can be used on your face and body, so it’s fantastic for anyone who suffers from oily zones on other areas apart from their face (back or butt). It contains all the soothing ingredients that I listed above, and leaves your skin feeling hydrated rather then stripped to shreds once you depart the shower. I always purchase Gamophen Soap as it doesn’t irritate my skin, but this body and face wash smells a lot more pleasant so it’s been a lovely substitute for my recurring eczema.

Dermasukin_Intensive hydrating cream_moisturiser_sydney beauty blog_sarah sayers_sarah whatThe Intensive Hydrating Cream comes in a large tub that’s bound to last at least six months. The super thick and nourishing cream is paraben free and soaks into the skin immediately after rubbing in. I’ve been using it on my legs after shaving, and I no longer get those annoying red bumps. I’ve also been applying it to my joints where I often get eczema outbreaks and it has really helped my tight and often sore skin. I’ve noticed that when I apply this cream to my freshly cleansed, even Clarisonic’d face, the cream doesn’t sting the way other moisturisers with inbuilt fragrances would.

Over all I’m ultra impressed with this range as it’s made my skin happy. Happy skin equals happy Sarah.

SS x