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Skincare Review: Cedar + Stone’s 100% Natural Atlantis Face Serum & Toxin Pull Therapy Mask

cedar and stone skincare atlantis face oil and toxin pull therapy mask

Over the past two months I’ve been trialling a heavenly new Australian-made, 100% natural, animal-friendly skincare range by the wonderful peeps at Cedar + Stone.

As soon as the package by Cedar + Stone arrived on my beauty desk it brought a smile to my face.

With on-point minimalistic packaging, I fell in love with the look of Cedar + Stone’s Atlantis Serum and Intensive Toxin Pull Therapy Mask that was stored in a cute glass jar made from recycled materials.

But this all-natural skincare brand has more than just good looks – it made my skin look fresh, bright and less hormonal over the 5 weeks that I trialled both products.

Here are my beauty findings on both the Atlantis Face Serum and Face Mask. I’m sure after reading about each you’ll be quickly adding them to your wish list or shopping cart!

Cedar + Stone Atlantis Serum

cedar and stone atlantis face oil

They Say:  The perfect serum for banishing those blemishes. Rich in fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins. This age defying oil delivers hydration and elasticity to your face and aids in the recovery of painful, red blemishes without clogging pores. You can also use this as a cuticle oil.

Infused with crystal essence of clear quartz & rose quartz. Purifying, clarifying and harmonising. Good for meditation, healing and balancing your emotions.

I Say: This generous glass jar of face serum has quickly been my nightly go-to when I pop out of the shower. You really only need one drop to cover your entire face, and your nose will take in the insanely gorgeous scent of the organic essential oil blend consisting of sweet orange, neroli, ylang ylang, lavender, rose geranium and lemon myrtle. This face oil smells so good that I’ve even had people ask me what I’m wearing – even when I’m not wearing perfume!

I love that this face serum/oil isn’t too heavy and never leaves my face looking like an oil slick. The botanical ingredients soak into my skin almost immediately and leave my face looking glowy and not sticky.

I’ve found that my skin tone looks more even, and I’m not having as many hormonal breakouts. That’s a big win!

Shop it: Cedar + Stone Atlantis Serum, $38

Cedar + Stone Face Mask (Toxin Pull Therapy)

cedar and stone toxin pull therapy mask

They say: Perfect for all skin types, this powder masque banishes dry, mature, sun damaged skin restoring cells and smoothing fine lines. The high level of vitamin C provides tissue repair and aids in healing wounds faster than their natural cycle. Restoring the elasticity back into your skin and with its anti inflammatory/anti itch properties, this mask is perfect for mature, dry or damaged skin, especially after those long days in the sun.

I say: The second product I tested by Cedar + Stone was their face mask. I must admit, I was curious to trial ‘toxin pull therapy’ – especially because a quick Google search only brought up results on ‘oil pulling’.

After reading the instructions I found that it wasn’t just any old powdered clay enclosed in the jar, it was actually volcanic ash and this helps to dray out impurities from the skin thanks to it’s strong negative ionic charge. If that doesn’t sound cool, I don’t know what does!

I also like how this product makes me feel like a DIY beauty queen. Wish freshly cleansed skin, you take two parts powder to one part water and mix in your hand before applying to your face. Immediately the powder will turn from a grey colour to a rose pink shade.

Use this colour to guide the process. When you apply it to all the planes of your face it should be pink, once it dries it will return grey, meaning you can wash it off.

I found that my face felt super soft. It’s a next-level clean for your skin!

Shop it: Cedar + Stone Face Mask, $30

Is this a range you would like to try? What product intrigues you the most? In your opinion, is it important that a skincare brand in natural? 

SS x