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The Best Age To Start Using Under Eye Creams Plus 3 Of The Best Eye Creams To Hydrate & Eliminate Wrinkles Fast


In the last couple of months I’ve had a handful of women ask me the same question: ‘At what age should I start using anti-ageing products?’

Interestingly, most women believe that anti-ageing skincare products should only start being used once someone is actually looking older and needs an instant pick-me-up. They found it completely bizarre that at 25 I’ve already included anti-ageing serums, moisturisers and eye creams into my daily skincare regime.

However, the secret to getting the most out of anti-ageing creams is to realise that they work best when applied to skin before wrinkles actually take up permanent real estate on your face. Basically, they should be used as a preventative measure, not as a cure.


By wearing anti-ageing products before you have deep-set wrinkles, you are feeding your skin with what it needs to stop wrinkles from prematurely forming and developing into a harder problem to fix later down the track.

There is no point waiting until you have severely aged skin to then start applying a topical cream and expect  your ‘signs of ageing’ to be reversed almost over night. If your wrinkles become too deep, a cream can only do so much to reverse ageing. At best a hard-working cream will be able to soften out any lines. If you wait too long to start using anti-ageing products you might need to head towards more serious fillers to correct any damage (in my opinion).

Therefore, while you are young it’s important to include anti-ageing products to stop the wrinkles from even forming before it’s too late.

When it comes to eye creams that prevent fine lines (read: crows feet) and dryness, most dermatologists will say that from your late teens to your early twenties you should start incorporating one into your daily routine – especially if you have dry skin to start with.

Eye creams keep the skin moist and that’s what makes us look younger. When wrinkles get dry, they look deeper and worse. If you can find a good eye cream that’s also filled with scientifically proven anti-ageing ingredients and antioxidants you’re in even better hands.

I’ve trialled quite a few eye creams in my time, but here are my 3 favourites to keep the skin around your eyes light, bright and tight!

Dermalogica Intensive Eye Repair


Why I love it: As soon as you apply Dermalogica’s rich Intensive Eye Cream under your eyes, the light-weight, fast absorbing formula starts to cool and tingle the skin. This is a great sign as it means the cooling sensation will remove any under-eye puffiness and the tingling means the intense active ingredients are getting to work! Hurrah.

The amazing skin replenishing ingredients include phytonutrients like Butcher’s Broom and Arnica Montana (both natural anti-bacterial ingredients that help with inflammation), vitamins like B5, C & E and antioxidants found in soothing cucumber and green tea to help diminish dry lines and repair damage around the delicate eye area.

Apply both morning and night.

This eye cream by Dermalogica is amazing – but that’s no surprise to me when pretty much all of their skincare products are ace.

Shop it: Dermalogica Intensive Eye Repair, $72

Philosophy Renewed Hope In A Jar Eye Cream


Why I love it: Philosophy’s Renewed Hope In A Jar Eye Cream is a major star for a few reasons. Firstly, packaged in a cute 15ml tub, one of Philosophy’s trademark positive mantras is printed under the logo saying ‘Live with optimism, renew with hope’ – it’s always so nice to get a positivity boost early in the day or before I head to bed.

Secondly, the cooling creamy formula has a ‘triple action technology’ – basically it has the ability to restore hydration under your eyes all day, it can refresh the look of dramatic dark circles from poor sleep and thirdly it can refine your eye contours (push up sagging upper eyelids and droopy bags under the eyes.) Huge!

It’s able to do all of this thanks to re-energising ‘evodia rutaecarpa fruit extract’ (an asian fruit), de-puffing marine algae extracts and a retexturing anti-ageing yeast complex.

Shop it: Philosophy Renewed Hope In A Jar Eye Cream, $55

Arcona Eye Dew Repair / Protect AM


Why I love it: Before Arcona could be purchased at Sephora, the only way you could get your hands on their legendary products was to make an appointment at their luxe LA based Arcona Studio for a skin treatment and to pick up some take-home products like this absolutely incredible Arcona Eye Dew Repair / Protect AM cream.

Seriously, everyone from Natalie Portman to Rachel Zoe frequents this clinic – their products and results are that good.

Arcona’s Eye Dew comes in a chic 9ml aluminium-filled pump bottle. One squirt is enough to completely cover the skin surrounding both of your eyes. You will immediately feel a cooling sensation and a subtle tingling feeling just like the above two eye creams. Unlike the above creams though, Arcona’s Eye Dew has a distinct floral scent.

This repairing eye cream is best applied in the morning before you start your day as it works its magic to prevent the deepening of fine lines (the serious issue I spoke about earlier in this post) by hydrating the skin with shea butter, hyaluronic acid and essential fatty acids acting as a barrier to the elements during your daily errands. It can also be worn underneath makeup and still do it’s job without being interfered with.

While you wear this cream, beta-fructan and liquid crystals will repair damaged skin by increasing the elasticity around the eyes. Blueberry extract and vitamin E will also heal and soothe skin thanks to their anti-inflammatory perks.

Shop it: In store at Sephora Australia, $52

Have you started using anti-ageing products yet? Do you wear eye creams? Which brands do you like the best? Have you tried any of my above favourites?

SS x