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The 3 products I wear on my face nightly that help me wake up fresh faced


Most women love the idea of falling asleep and waking to find a fresher more gorgeous complexion looking back at them in the mirror.

Well, after trialling these three new products, I can confidently say they will definitely achieve this wow factor by the AM.

Introducing Skin Inc’s ‘Daily Dose’, Inskin Cosmedics 1Truth818 Serum and Kiehl’s Super Multi Corrective Eye Opening Serum.

sarahwhat nightly anti0ageing routine

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When layering the above three products which target my thirsty, uneven skin tone and fine lines, they really do pack a powerful punch.

Here is the order I use them and why each is so beneficial even when used on their own.

1. Skin Inc’s ‘Daily Dose’

Skin Inc's daily dose

Skin Inc was born out of an idea to minimise your bathroom vanity by creating a skincare range that covers all of your concerns in one key product ‘My Daily Dose’.

By taking an online ‘skin identity’ test (here) Skin Inc can determine your main problems and decide which key ingredients should be combined personally for you to fix your skin woes – all of which will be popped in one small bottle. Just think of the shelf space and money you’ll save!

my daily dose skin inc

The clever scientists behind the brand worked out a way to stop each powerful ingrediant from diactived another while in the glass bottle by coating each indicidual molecule in a seaweed covering – wowzers.

After taking my Skin Identity test I found out I needed Vitamin A, C and Liquorice extract to help with my hormonal uneven skin tone.

I then mixed in the three above ingredients into one larger serum bottle and gave it a good shake. I now use this morning and night and have already seen the benefits (over the last three weeks) to the overall evenness of my skin. I also haven’t had anywhere near as many hormonal breakouts.

This new range can be picked up at Sephora in Sydney or from the beauty legends at Luxola for $178. Yay!

2. Inskin Cosmedics 1Truth 818 Anti-Ageing Serum with TAM -818

1truth 818 anti ageing serum

A month ago I attended the launch of Inskin Cosmedics 1truth 818 Serum.

Before heading into the breakfast I didn’t know too much about this new serum apart from the fact that it promised to change the overall look and age of skin – something A LOT of products claim.

It was only when Doctor Bill Andrews from Sierra Sciences talked us through exactly why we age (the fraying of telomeres in our DNA) and that his joint effort along with other scientists to stop ageing had won a Nobel Prize did my ears prick up!


After years of testing chemicals (and spending a crazy $33 million) to see which would actually restore and lengthen our telemores (what keeps us looking young) Bill’s team found a molecule that offered 18% restoration – a huge order viagra online overnight shipping feat considering all other attempts came back with a stark 0%. They also had to test over 50,000 compounds until they found one with this incredible reading. A huge reminder to never ever give up!

They found when adding the TAM818 molecule (what they named their incredible finding) to a cream and applying it to the face, participants showed an amazing regeneration in their skin making them looked more fresh faced and young again.

I’ve been wearing this cream nightly and have already seen the small fine expression lines across my face smooth and puff back out. I also suffer from eczema and that hasn’t made a comeback since.

Something else I found interesting was that my skin needed next to no ‘down time’ after I received microdermabrasion last week. Normally skin would appear red, possibly burnt and very swollen. As soon as I got home after my treatment I applied 1Truth 818 morning and night for two days and I haven’t had anywhere near the redness or soreness others have experienced. My skin has bounced right back.

Inskin Cosmedics stocks 1Truth 818 and it can be purchased online or at many salons and dermatologists, $299. For stockists look here.

3. Kiehl’s Super Multi Corrective Eye Opening Serum

Kiehl's Super Multi Corrective Eye Opening Serum

I first started using this eye cream by Kiehl’s at around the same time as the above two products each night.

I’d first layer on my products above and let them properly absorb then I’d take my Kiehl’s Super Multi-Corrective Eye-Opening Serum and dab it around the entire circumference of my eyes. If I had any left over, I’d apply the cream to my ‘elevens’ as well (the two wrinkle lines between my eyebrows. That’s what happens when you concentrate too much!).

This anti-ageing eye treatment comes in a cute and compact tin dispenser keeping the serum nice and cool. You can store it in the fridge as well if you want to make it really nice and chilly when applying it under swollen tired eyes.

kiehls super corrective eye serum

Instantly your eye region will feel very relaxed, soothed and cold. This cream claims to have five benefits: 1) Lift, 2) firm, 3) smooth, 4) hydrate and 5) restore youthful shape of the eye region.

I only have a few slight lines around my eyes but I’ve already noticed them diminishing. More interestingly though, I’d normally wake up with puffy tired eyes and this hasn’t been happening anymore due to the lifting and firming effect of the serum.

The key ingredients are 10% botanical extracts, sodium hyaluronate and crushed skin illuminating particles that give off the look of fresh and young skin.

I’d defiantly recommend this eye cream to all my friends who want to have brighter looking eyes, and really, who doesn’t?

This serum can be purchased online or in store for $62.

What’s your current nightly skin regime? Will you try any of the above products that have received my tick of approval?

SS x