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Waxaway: The Easiest Way To Wax and Remove Hair At Home for sexy summer legs

how to wax your hair from home Yep! It’s that time of year again. The season where the female body must fake hairless limbs in order to walk into a beach bar with confidence.

Spikey legs, underarms and bikini lines just aren’t sexy in summer. #factoflife

So you’re probably now deliberating between shaving, forking out cash for laser hair removal or waxing.

Waxing at home is actually one of the best ways to create sleek and sexy legs in minutes. The best part? The results last far longer than shaving and are no where near as painful as epilation or laser.

One of my favourite brands for DIY home waxing in Waxaway.

The Australian company doesn’t test on animals (yay!) and sells wax kits that actually adhere to your hair follicle, ripping out unwanted hair 100% of the time.

If you have tried DIY waxing at home before, you will know there are some brands that just don’t work. The wax either doesn’t stick, or the formula is too irritating for the skin, I have never experienced this with Waxaway.

One of their products I love the most, aside from their Precision Wax Wand for removing pesky hairs around my eyebrows, is their new Aquawax Roll On Kit, $12.95.


This all-natural wax glides on to any body part with ease and the kit comes with three different sized rollers so that you can apply the right amount of wax depending on the body part you are working on.

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I also love that the wax is water soluble, so that it removes easily. Everyone hates quickly trying to remove globs of wax from their skin that just buy discount sildenafil won’t budge, even with the strongest oil based makeup remover. This new aqua wax washes away effortlessly in the shower.

To heat the cartridge on this bad boy, simply pop it in your microwave for 10 seconds with your intended roller already twisted on.

I always patch test a small area of my skin first just to make sure the wax is the perfect temperature and not too hot.

waxaway aquawax roll on kit

Once you roll on the wax to your desired area, smooth on one of the enclosed white strips so that the wax and the strip are completely joined. Then, pulling the strip in the opposite direction to the growth of the hair, rip away to reveal hairless skin.

I like to have a warm hand towel nearby to apply to my skin straight away for comfort.

If you’re worried at all about ingrown hairs, I have two words of advice: exfoliate and treat.

bump eraser

A day after you have waxed and your skin is no longer sensitive, I suggest exfoliating in the shower with an exfoliating mitt (I find they work the best and are super cheap).

Once you leave the shower, it’s time to treat.

I have been rubbing in Bump Eraser, $16.95. The gel helps to keep the pores in your skin open so that your hair follicle can grow out straight, opposed to curved creating an ingrown hair. A combination of hard working salicylic acid, tea tree oil, triclosan and vitamin A all stop this painful problem – I suggest girls who even shave or perform any other form of hair removal use this as well to stop those irritating red bumps.

Follow those two steps and you’ll have sexy summer legs all season long!

SS x