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You’re The Bomb Baby! Bomb Cosmetics Mega Haul

Today marks two weeks of the most luxurious, decadent, totally spoilttime of my existence yet!

Whys that you ponder?

Well, I’ve been splish-splashing away in my tub most nights trying out all of Bomb Cosmetics bath time treats. Really, after all the soaking I’ve down with the amazing products I’m about to unleash my thoughts on below, who needs an expensive jaunt to a day spa?

If Bomb Cosmetics isn’t ringing any bells for you yet (for a lot of you it will after I mentioned their fabulous Dr Foot Scrub here, it’s a UK beauty brand that first popped up in the market fourteen years ago. They were first noticed for their super fun looking products that boast natural ingredient. It didn’t take long though for them to develop their brand worldwide, today they are available in 45 countries, including here in Aus via the fabulous and easy to browse online site Get Drenched. (There are also a few cute independent stores that play host to Bomb Cosmetics products).

Below are my thoughts on a variety of bath delights that I’ve road tested, so without keeping you waiting any longer, here’s what I think:

Bath Creamer – Rose ($5.95) 

Don’t confuse Bomb Cosmetics Bath Creamer for just any old bath bomb. This rose petal compacted ball not only fizzes under water like a traditional bomb would, it adds a creaminess to your bath water making your skin feel as though you’ve just smeared on the most thick and nourishing body butter.

It was only after I emerged from my cocoon (a.k.a super hot and steamy bath) that I read the packaging and noticed that the Rose Bath Creamer actually contains moisturising cocoa and shea butter within it’s ingredients as well as sensual rose,  lavender and geranium essential oils. No wonder I felt as though I was enveloped in a hypnotic cocoon! The pretty petals that float within the tub as you soak just add to the experience. 

Blackcurrant Body Polish ($21.95)

I was a big fan of Ribenna as a kid – probably because of the high levels of sugar. Bomb Cosmetics Blackcurrant Body Polish smells exactly like it! It features fine, gentle granules to buff away at your skin and is infused with shea butter and orange and mandarin essential oils.
I took a generous scoop of the product out of its cute gelato-like tub and messaged it onto my upper arms, thighs and neck region in circular motions to help my skin feel rejuvenated. 

Bubble Bath – Field of Dreams ($17.95)

If you think a bath isn’t the same unless you place the word bubble in front of it – then you need this product!

Field of Dreams bubble bath smells like Hubba Bubba’s pink bubble gum thanks to heavenly musky notes of violet, lilac blossom, ylang ylang, vanilla and bergamot. Boring it is not!For best results, and to create frothy bubbles, pour about 80ml (a shot glass amount) under a fully blasted, steaming tap. Enjoy!

Cleopatra’s Desire Bath Salts ($19.95)

I used these beautiful salts (second from the top) in a separate bath when I hadn’t already poured in bubble bath or used a fizzy bath bomb. Sprinkle in a generous amount of Cleopatra’s Desire bath salts into the beginning of your soak. They will dissolve within a few minutes and while doing so unravel beautiful, real, rose petals! If you also love the smell of jasmine (I do, it grew up my grandmas’ washing line when I was little so it smells very nostalgic) this bath time product isn’t to be missed!

French Kiss Clay Mask ($22.95)

While I was soaking in Cleopatras Desire (that sounds a little risqué doesn’t it?) I applied a French Kiss Clay Mask (Again! Enough with the innuendo!). This small tub (product pictured at the top of my stack in the above photo) of deliciousness helps to draw out any unsightly impurities from oil clogged pores like white heads and black heads. The texture is very smooth and buttery – almost like a dough- and since it’s created with geranium oil it will sooth sore winter skin. I loved!

I kept mine on for 20 minutes before I washed it off while I flicked through the latest magazine offerings. 

Whoopee Blaster – Knickerbocker Glory ($7.95)

Bombs away! This fist sized bath bomb looked so good I was tempted to either a) eat it (I do not recommend!) or b) let it serve as a cutie pie ornament and gather dust for the next five years (we all know someone who does this with candles or gorgeous soaps. I believe in the “use” rather than “abuse” school of beauty thought.)

Throwing Knickerbocker Glory under a gushing tap you’ll witness the water tern to a delicate shade of light blue, the sprinkles on top of this dessert-looking product evaporate, and the bomb will fizz away leaving you with a milky-silky bath.

The bomb is enriched with cocoa butter, shea butter and nourishing essential oils including amyris and thyme. 

It smells sugary, but thanks to the thyme you’ll feel like lugging yourself straight to bed and ready for a long sleep.

Glass Candle – Raindrops on Roses ($15.95)

All of the above sensual experiences were topped off – or better still – set alight (how apt?) with Bomb Cosmetics Raindrops on Roses Candle. 

This candle flickers away and creates the kind of atmosphere normally presented by a night in with a flashing thunderstorm outside. 

The candle looks really girly with glitter and star accents decorating the top, it comes in a reusable drinking glass that’s made from 70% recycled glass and features fruity top notes of grapefruit, cassis, warm apricot, sophisticated bergamot and fresh dewy leaves. 

Once the scent lingers for a little while in your steamy bathroom your nose will detect delicate lily of the valley, rose and jasmine and a few woody notes as well.

Girlies! Which of the above has you longing to immerse yourself in a creamy-Bomb Cosmetics- bathtub?

SS x