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A cosmetic physician weighs in on the dangerous side effects of using a Lip Enhancer to partake in the ‘Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge’


The ‘Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge’ has well and truly taken over the internet.

I came across this strange phenomenon a week ago while scrawling through my Instagram feed late one night.

I couldn’t believe that I was watching a girl suck on a small plastic shaped dome called a ‘lip enhancer’, and that this 10 second video received thousands of likes and rows and rows of comments littered by other females simply because it was accompanied with #kyliejennerlipchallenge.

There are MANY different plastic ‘lip enhancer’ brands on the market to keep up with the sudden popular demand, and they all work by creating a suction around the base of the lips forcing a rush of blood to the area to swell it 4 to 5 times its natural size – similar to how a hickie works.

94fc2ceb-c92f-4b60-8bb7-e769a1611fe5 The lips are then temporarily enlarged for up to 4 hours – meaning anyone can have a Kylie Jenner pout instantly (hence the online challenge to recreate her famous smackers to share with friends).

Some girls are even repeating this process up to 5 times a day to keep their enlarged lips permanently.

So, what’s the issue with using this bizarre beauty tool, or even worse, house hold objects like shot glasses and bottle caps? You read right – some women are resulting to these in an attempt to look like Kylie!

As many females have found, using this tool can bruise the lips (meaning the delicate blood vessels around them have been broken) and even split the skin from excessive ballooning of the thin tissue.

Anyone with common sense should know that repeating this technique over time will leave your lips beyond repair, even if you only slightly inflate them daily.

To back up my own worries, I spoke to Dr. Saras Sundrum, a leading cosmetic physician and director at Dr Saras & Co. clinic to see what the real dangers may be for young girls who are using this lip-plumping technique at home.kylie-jenner-challenge-2-thumb


This is what Dr. Saras Sundrum had to say:

“I realise that many young women are taking on the ‘Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge’ and want to enlarge their lips temporarily in this way.

Firstly, they can suffer many serious medical consequences such as bruising, denting and damaging lips as well as risking cold sores and infections.

Secondly, the results look ridiculous. They are not beautiful sexy lips, they are just balloons which basically say to the world ‘See how stupid I am’.

I think they attract attention in the wrong way – I’m sure men do not think it is an attractive look.

But, of course if women would like more sensuous lips, we can use safe dermal fillers for more long-lasting beautiful results, tailor made to the individual.”

2622FCE600000578-2971471-image-a-43_1425008020518Every girl wants to look and feel sexy, but if the short term plumpness of your lips is going to jeopardise their look in the future is it really worth it?

I feel sad and angry that girls of a younger age, who are innocent and vulnerable, are being sold a product that manufactures know is harmful. These companies are only thinking of themselves and not the long term consequences you will have to deal with.

If you really would like to enlarge your lips and can’t accept them for the natural size they are, be smart and do it the right way.

I recommend using a product like Doctor BABOR’s popular Derma Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Booster for Lips, $100.


This lip treatment contains the hero key ingredient biopeptide. It basically tells the skin on your lips to naturally produce hyaluronic acid which will plump up the volume in your lips – no bruising necessary.

If, however, you are of an age where you can make the adult decision to try fillers injected into your lips, I think this is a much safer choice as you are in the hands of a medical practitioner. Fillers used correctly won’t bruise, burst, or cut your lips like the cheap and dangerous plastic Lip Enhancer’s will.

As a beauty writer, I care for my readers overall wellbeing, health and general aesthetic look. I really hope you all think seriously before using this product and possibly destroying your lips for life.

SS x