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Top 10 Basic Bitch Beauty Blunders & How To Fix Them Quick


Basic Bitch Beauty Blunder

[Bey-sik bich byoo-tee bluhn-der]

Noun: A makeup crime committed by an ‘extra regular’ female.

If this is what a ‘Basic Bitch Beauty Blunder’ is (and I should know, I did just come up with the term myself!) we’ve all sinned from time to time and have gawked at a BBBB (Basic Bitch Beauty Blunder) on the bus, at the shopping centre or at work.

To stop yourself falling pray to a BBBB, here is the official Top 10 list of beauty sins committed by us mere-mortal females and how to correct this vanilla behaviour pronto.

1. Forgetting to blend your foundation into your neckline

Barbie orange face

I see this BBBB so often walking down the street. You’ll be peering at a girls perfectly made up face to then notice that their caramel foundation hasn’t been blended into their neckline making them appear as if they are wearing a mask. This is such a bad look but so common.

FIX – Beauty Blender available from Luxola, $29.

Pick up a Beauty Blender and stop this sin forever. Dampen the egg-shaped sponge with water and blend out your foundation around your jawline and neck until it become seamless with no evident start and finish line.

2. Drawing on ‘Sharpie’ eyebrows


Another BBBB. Yes, bold brow are in, but not the drawn-on Sharpie kind.

Eyebrows are the best way to frame your face, but if they are too dark, bold and unnatural looking, they won’t frame, they’ll just distract (and cause fits of giggles from onlookers).

FIX – Bobbi Brown Eyebrow Kit, $75.

If you are prone to overdrawing your eyebrows, swap the pencil you are using (which may cause you to be heavy handed) and go for a powder kit instead which will allow you to build up to a more flattering level of ‘boldness’. I recommend starting to fill in the outer arch of the eyebrow first and only lightly filling in the bulk of the brow (closest to your nose) and brushing out the pigment with a spoolie.

3. Over highlighting your face = disco ball


Yes, we all want to look sun-kissed, glowy and heaven-sent. But adding too much illuminator all over your face won’t make you look ‘radiant’ and ‘healthy’ but like a real-life disco ball – not such a great look.

FIX – MAC Cream Colour Base in Shell, $36

Concentrate your illuminator on the highest planes of your face (cheekbones, eyebrow bones, cupids bow, temples) and leave it there. It might be hard for your to resist over doing it with your shimmer powder pot so go for a glossy cream instead which will help you hold back. I like MAC’s Cream Colour Base. Don’t do what Millennium Christina Aguilera did.

4. Combing on layers of clumpy mascara


There’s nothing quiet like a set of full, thick, fluttery eyelashes – but if you’ve been ending up with clumpy lashes bogged down with mascara – it’s time to step away from your wand and reaccess the situation.

FIX – YSL Volume Effet Mascara Faux Cils, $55, Manicare Disposable Mascara Wands, $10

Clumpy eyelashes can be caused by poor quality mascaras (don’t you just hate forking out the cash for a mascara only to get a tube of watery black ink!) not applying the mascara properly to the lashes, or leaving too much ‘dry time’ in between each coat.

manicare disposable mascara wand

For the most gorgeous thick lashes ever, I think everyone should invest in a high quality mascara. I swear by YSL’s Volume Effect Mascara. Apply it to the base of the eyelashes and slowly swivel up the mascara wand to the ends of the lash length. This means the concentration of the mascara will be at the base helping to open up your eyes, separate your lashes, while creating the foundation of a long-lasting curl.

Next, only wait 30 seconds maximum between each coat otherwise clumps will occur.

Lastly, if you do create clumps with your mascara, take a Manicare Disposable Mascara Wand and brush out any area where your have over done it. This trick works every time.

5. Not matching the shade of your concealer to your foundation


This happens to us lassies all the time. You purchase your foundation and concealer separately and don’t even bother seeing if they are of the same hue. You then apply your makeup in a poorly-lit room and then when you walk out in the fresh light of day, it looks as though you have orange splotches on your face or white lines under your eyes where you have applied concealer over the top of your foundation.

Tsk tsk!

FIX – Swatch both foundation and concealer in store at the same time before purchasing.

Simply, try and buy your foundation and concealer in-store at the same time. By doing so, you will be able to put both hues next to each other on your hand and visually see if they are the same colour. It’s ALWAYS crucial to have a play with all makeup in store first.

6. Not lining your lips before applying highly-pigmented lip colour


Yet another BBBB. How many times have I seen girls walk up to a bar to order a drink only to look like Count Dracula. Red running lipstick ‘bleeding’ from the sides of your lips is not a good look and really can be avoided quite easily.

FIX – Makeup Store Lip Pencil in Cherie available from Luxola, $26

The most fail-safe way to avoid this BBBB is to line your lips first with a lip liner in the same shade as the lipstick you’re wearing. Or, if you’re looking for a multi-purpose lip liner, you can also purchase yourself a neutral-tone lip liner and use this to outline your lips before applying any colours not as bright as reds (creamy tones and pinks).

7. Wearing a ‘neutral’ lipstick shade two shades too light


Another big no-no. I know that light fleshy coloured lips are a big deal in the beauty space right now (just thank the Kardashian’s and Jenner’s). Buuutt, thanks to their high-profile makeup team, they have expertly matched the right nude shade for their individual lip colour. My nude lipstick will vary greatly from my best friends, meaning you can’t just grab any neutral from a store and swipe it on. If the light shade appears too light, you’ll just look sickly and washed out.

FIX – Your best neutral is the colour of just bitten lips.

Remove all makeup from your lips and slightly bite down on them. The natural hue that appears is your most flattering shade that is unique to you. Take a photo and zoom in to properly cross check this colour with a shade in store to accentuate it.

8. Not blending out your eyeshadow


The most obvious BBBB across all of the seven seas! Don’t make yourself look like a rookie by applying a eyeshadow to your lids and not properly buffing it out. It’s just a horrible look.

FIX – Bobbi Brown Eye Smudge Brush, $48

Purchase a high-quality eye makeup blending brush. The investment is worth it as you’ll use it every day for years. Next time you apply eyeshadow, make sure to buff away at the edges with your makeup brush until your have a seamless result. Use light feathery strokes and take your time. No one wants to see harsh lines – your eyeshadow should look like a warm horizon with no clear distinction of the colour beginning or ending.

9. Forgetting to set your pencil-drawn eyeliner with powder

Cosmetic pencil.

The most common reason girls sport panda-eyes or smudged eyeliner is because they’ve forgotten (or didn’t know) that they should really be setting their pencil-drawn eyeliner in place with a powder.

Even the most heavy-duty eyeliners will budge throughout the day (especially if it’s hot) so make sure you set it in place with a colour the same as the pencil you’ve used to create that sharp line.

FIX – NARS Dual Intensity Eyeshadow in Sycorax, $38

Because I tend to sport a black cat-eye flick ‘on the regular’, I set my eyeliner in place with NARS Dual Intensity Eyeshadow in a super matte black called Sycorax. I use a very small fine tip makeup brush to gently push in the pigment into the creamy eyeliner I have drawn on. Believe me, after I have done this it doesn’t move all day. Hurrah!

10. Unsuccessfully gluing on fake eyelashes

Kudos to you for even attempting false eyelashes – for newbies that’s a daunting task. Fake eyelashes can look bad for a multitude of reasons:

a) They’re too long and ‘showgirl’ for your eyes making them appear hooded

b) You apply too much glue and your eyelid is covered up in splotches of dry, gunky, glue

c) You don’t apply ENOUGH glue and half of your eyelash starts to peel off during its wear

Watch it happen on live television to this Chinese news reporter:

d) You attempt to apply falsies but fail and give up and now your real lashes look even worse and more sparse after losing extra hairs in the process

e) They just look, umm, fake.

FIX – Eyelash Artistry Tweezers, $20, and Duo Lash Glue, $16, + time

Get false eyelashes right by firstly buying a pair that are subtle and not overly flashy – especially when it’s your first attempt.

duo lash glue

Secondly, some false eyelash brands will give you a complimentary glue inside the packet. Some glues work great – others suck. For this reason I rarely risk it and use Duo Lash Glue instead. It’s used by makeup artists around the world and really is the best. You also get a whole tube which will last you until the end of time.

Next, I ALWAYS apply my false eyelashes with a proper set of Eyelash Artistry Tweezers. Don’t bother using your fingers – you’ll create a mess with the glue and get red with rage. These tweezers make it easy to position the eyelash where it needs to be so it will dry quickly and in place.

Lastly, remember to apply enough glue to the entire strip (concentrating on the ends where eyelashes tend to flick up) and wait at least 2 minutes before attempting to place the lash on. You want your eyelash glue to become tacky so it adheres straight away.

Have you ever committed one of these BBBB’s? Have you ever witnessed one of these beauty sins yourself?

SS x