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Video: The Korean At-Home Eyelash Curling Trend That Involves Fire!


You weren’t imagining the title to this post. The Korean beauty mafia are curling their lashes using fire.

Dangerous yes! Effective? Also, surprisingly, yes!

Let me explain. Instead of purchasing a heated eyelash curler, the Koreans have come up with an ingenious and cost-effective way of perming their eyelashes (for a day) that only takes two seconds and a few tools you already have lying around your home.

For years Koreans have been the source of most beauty innovations, making Westerner look behind the 8 ball. Charcoal facial cleanser anyone? It’s new to shelves in Australia, but it has been around for so long in Korea.


This DIY is catching fire (pardon the pun) much faster due to obvious online avenues like YouTube and Instagram.

TOinky, a Korean YouTuber, demonstrates how she curls her lashes daily (in a quite lengthy spiel – I’d skip up to 3.30 if I were you).

She first applies mascara (she’s a fan of Lancôme) to her lashes, then taking a wooden skewer (what you would normally use to thread chicken kebabs with) she heats it with an everyday cigarette lighter. Once the wooden stick starts to char she turns off the flame, lets it cool down for a few seconds and then positions it under the roots of her top lashes pressing gently. Instantly the lashes start to fan backwards giving lots of lift that she says lasts all day!

It’s obvious that this eyelash curling technique works, but to be honest I haven’t given it a go yet! There’s a few reasons why:

  1. I actually really like my eyes, and knowing I’m a clumsy-clot there’s a really good chance I’ll singe and burn my eyeball forever leaving me permanently blind. Not such a great end-result.
  2. I’ve actually used self-heating lash wands in the past that offer the same result without any of the risk of injury. I’d rather just use one of these and fork out the extra cash! I recommend the ModelCo. Turbo Lash Wand Heated Eyelash Curler, $35.
  3. Who wants to take a lighter and wooden skewers, or metal rods or chopped up Q-tip wands (yes, they use those too) around with them everywhere. Seems like a messy nuisance to me!

This is obviously a really interesting DIY, one that I won’t personally be attempting any time soon, but I guess it’s good to know if I’m ever deserted on a tropical island and need an instant eyelash lift to attract some other poor soul stuck on the island. I’d just need a stick and an open flame to get my eyelashes sorted (for the day that is!).

SS x