July 22, 2014 0 Comments Beauty

Video: What Beauty Products I Pack When I’m Going On A Summer Vacation


Hello my loves!

Last night after I packed most of my belongings for my European holiday (what an effort!), and later, as promised, I sat down and filmed what beauty products I’m taking with me so that I can stay in pretty-form throughout my time away in the northern hemisphere’s sun.

When packing toiletries for a summer holiday you must consider the following:

* Don’t pack anything too large or bulky. You want to have room for necessities (i.e underwear, tooth brush, shoes);

* Don’t pack any products that you can easily pick up at your destination that are cheap. This way you will save room and you can discard them at your last destination. Make sure they are of the same quality though (i.e hairspray);

* Organise your products into different groups. For instance: hair, makeup, skincare, beach bag essentials and general hygiene. You won’t forget anything this way;

* Try choose makeup that can double up as another product. For example, a lovely pink blush can look gorgeous as an eyeshadow as well and a texturising spray for your hair almost always works the same as hairspray;

* Keep in mind that you will want to buy beautiful cosmetics overseas as souvenirs. So, if you really don’t need it straight away don’t pack it. This will give you the opportunity to go shopping. Yay!

* Choose compacts and palettes over separate pots. This will help to streamline your makeup collection so that you save room in your beauty bag. I chose a fantastic eyeshadow quad because it will create so many different looks without having to pack multiple products.

That’s it poppets! There are plenty more tips within the video! I’m currently in the Qantas Lounge at Sydney Airport typing away this post. Check back in the coming days to see what I’m doing in France, Italy and London!

SS x