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What’s In My Bag – Celine Nano Luggage Tote

tumblr_nc7d0zXvzb1t2e73ao1_1280One of the most POPULAR posts on the interwebz by bloggers and Youtubers is  the ‘What’s In My Bag?’ tag.

It seems females not only have an obsession with their own collection of handbags but with what other women are carrying.

And it doesn’t even stop there – it extends as far as to what other women are actually storing inside of their bags.

I’ve noticed this bazaar curiosity myself first hand. I only get stopped on the street for two reasons: when girls want to fawn over my gorgeous too-cute-for-words miniature dachshund Charlie or when they want to touch and ask me about my Celine Nano Luggage Tote.

Funnily enough they  are both the same caramel colour (I like to match) and are both miniatures!

I’ve finally decided to open my handbag so that you can see what I lug around with me every day.



Clockwise from the top:


1) My Celine Nano Luggage Tote I picked up from Monaco last year. I fell in love instantly when I strung it across my shoulder. It seems Kendall and Kylie (Jenner) are equally as smitten, they wear there’s just as much as I use mine.

2) A Hello Kitty pen. I have a large collection of these pens at home. My fiancé brought me back a whole stash of Japanese stationery when he went on a trip to Tokyo when we first started dating. I love them. And as Mark Cuban would say, not having a pen on you at a business meeting will be your most fatal mistake. Nothing says ‘unorganised’ like not being prepared to sign a lucrative contract with your own pen.

3) My Louis Vuitton varnished calf leather monogrammed wallet. A wallet is a must in any girls handbag – how else are you going to pay your way through life? It helps if it’s easy on the eye as well.

4) Tinted Sunglasses. I picked up these patterned bad boys from Zara in Melbourne last year. They’re a flattering shape and also block out harsh UV rays and stop me from squinting. No one wants premature crows feet.


5) Why pack 6 different coloured lip tints when you can take a small compact of the most trending colours? I recently received this amazing M.A.C Trend Forecast Spring Lip/Cheek Palette at their Sydney beauty event. I either pick one colour and smear it carefully on my lips or blend a few together to make a bespoke shade for my smackers. I highly recommend this palette, you’ll get so much use out of it and you won’t break your back lugging around thousands of unnecessary lip products everyday.

6) A lip soother. Ladies this is different to coloured lip products. When you’re lips are cracked or you’re on a long haul flight, you need to coat them in a balm that hydrates and protects. I’m currently using Chapsticks Mixstix Strawberry and Banana Smoothie lip balm.

chapstick strawberry and banana

7) Advil in my opinion is the best and quickest pain reliever. Whether it’s a headache, menstral pain or inflamation, it will cure all. The liquid caps are my go-to because they work in under 10 minutes. Defs a handbag must-have.

8) Business cards – another crucial item in any business savvy persons carry-all. Anyone who has ever left their deck of business cards at home and only realise at an important industry gathering will know how annoying their absence is when you are trying to mingle.


9) Clink, clink. My car/house keys also go everywhere with me for obvious reasons. My signature duck egg blue keyring is by Tiffany’s.

10) My Invisalign aligner box. I spoke all about how important it is to carry my Invisalign aligner box in this post here. My clear trays that straighten my teeth need to come out before every meal or flavoured drink so it’s crucial I have somewhere to store them in my bag while I’m out.


11) Dior Addict Eau De Toilette 50ml. Smelling nice is something I pride myself on (I actually laughed while I wrote this. Who doesn’t like to smell nice?!). I picked up this fragrance when it was re-released in Paris in June last year as a sentimental scent. I specifically chose the 50ml size as it’s perfect for my handbag and not too heavy. I also find the jasmine notes nostalgic as my Yaya (Greek grandmother) used to have this heavily perfumed flower creeping up her backyard clothes line.

SS x