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Wish List Wednesday: Louis Vuitton LV & Me Necklace, Georgia Perry Kim Kardashian Pin & Sumita Brow Wax


Hi poppets!

Can you believe that Christmas is here in less than two days time? Where has 2016 gone? It’s actually freaky.

Anyway, if you have been a clever cookie you’ve already jotted down a Christmas wish list of your favourite things and left it somewhere visible for loved ones to stumble upon (if you haven’t, flick through my last Wish List Wednesday’s for some ideas).

This Wish List Wednesday features a luxe initial necklace from Louis Vuitton, a cheeky pin with Kim Kardashian’s face on it and a very nifty brow wax so your eyebrows are always on fleek for 2016.


LV & Me Necklace


This necklace is everything. Louis Vuitton are so smart for creating this initial range, I’m pretty sure every friend of mine will be wanting one of these hanging around their necks.

Made from gold-finished brass metal, each art-deco style letter has LV engraved on it and even features screws reminiscent of the iconic Louis Vuitton trunks.


Shop it: LV & Me Necklace, $560

Georgia Perry Kim Kardashian Pin



Okay, if you see me wearing this pin, it’s not because I’m a crazy Kim K fanatic (although I do know what she’s up to minute-to-minute), it’s because it’s just a little bit funny and sums up the world’s fixation with the pop icon.

I also think Australian artist Georgia Perry who created this pin is rather smart for making these true-to life enamel pins. Anyone who’s krazy for Kim will be wanting to add this to basket!

I also think this pin really captures Kim’s face and statement slicked back ponytail. Georgia also sells pins of Oprah as well as Kim’s hubby Kanye, Beyonce, Jay Z and Larry David.

Shop it: Georgia Perry Kim Kardashian Pin, $19.95

Sumita Brow Wax


Lastly, I’m wanting to add this brow wax by Sumita to my makeup kit.

This brow-tidying pen can be purchased from My Haircare. It gives every woman the chance to have perfect brows all day errryday as it keeps each hair in place exactly where you want it to be. No need to ever worry about unruly arches, or accidentally brushing a few hairs out of place while on the run.

Talk about #browgoals.

Shop it: Sumita Brow Wax, $39.95

Do you love any of the above items I have on my wish list? What are you currently lusting over?

SS x