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Zooey Deschanel’s Beauty Routine: Makeup & Hair

Zooey Deschanel – what a cutie! I have a lot of love for this girl. She’s fun, a little weird, and likes to dress feminine with makeup to match.

Just this week she attended Vanity Fair’s Oscars after party in a ruffled Oscar De La Renta dress. In my opinion it was a great choice for her, it really showed off her quirky personality.

After initialling applauding her wardrobe choice, I zoomed in closer and saw how princess perfect her makeup was. Large doe-like eyes and big fluffy hair made her look completely magical.

If this is a style you want to try for yourself, here’s the tools and must-haves you need.


  1. First you need a pair of flirty, very feathery and thick, false eyelashes. I love MODELROCK Brushed Up Goddess lashes ($11.95). These re-useable kind look fantastic on and will definitely give you the Bambi eyes you’re after. Make sure to trim off any excess length so it fits the curve of your upper eyelashes perfectly. I like this particular splayed style because they look very natural once applied.
  2. Next you want to apply under lashes. Say what?! Yes, you read correct, they are false eyelashes for your bottom lash line. They do exist pretty ponies, and to look as stunning as Zooey, you need them. This pair is called Under Lashes Angel Tips by MODELROCK Lashes, ($11.95). Make sure to place glue sparingly and allow it to dry enough so it feels tacky to touch. I’d wait at least 1 minute before I even bothered trying to stick them on. Under lashes are a fun investment that can make a huge difference to any eye makeup look.
  3. Next, lets plump up your strands and create crazy uniform curls. We all know how important it is to protect the hair follicle before applying hot hair tools. My go-to heat protector, slash curl definer, slash volumiser is KMS CURLUP Bounce Back Spray ($31.95). It does everything you need it to do in one handy bottle (I keep mine by my GHD and curling wand under my bed so I don’t forget to use it) and best of all it smells like an orange and mint after-dinner sweet. Bonus Points for you KMS.
  4. Now that you’ve prepped it’s time to curl baby! For this look I’d steer clear of your handy GHD, we don’t want those kind of signature back-curled tresses. This is not a Victorias Secret look. This style is more forest nymph. Speaking of mythological creatures and objects, lets move on to wands – and this one is very magical! Remington’s Hot Pink Curl It Wand ($93.95) has a tapered barrel so that your curls will look larger at the roots (more natural) and become smaller in size at the end of your strand. With a tool like this, you can create Zooey’s bushy volume, that isn’t too 80’s crazy at the crown of the head.

Will you be following this step-by-step tutorial? Do you love Zooey as much as I do? 

SS x