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How To Look Naturally Beautiful: 5 Tips To Mastering The Tricky ‘No-Makeup-Makeup-Look’ Just Like Gorgeous Camilla Belle

Achieving the barely-there makeup trend is hard. Let’s be real. It can either look overdone and cakey thanks to layering too many products to create…


How To Apply False Eyelashes: A Sexy Evening Makeup Look (Photo Tutorial)

Sexy evening makeup, in my humble opinion, all comes down to three things. 1) large voluminous lashes, 2) smokey brown eyeshadow and 3) glossy red…

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My 2014 Beauty Handbag Essentials (and why you need them!)

Image: Fashion Is Endless So another new year is upon us, scary yes! But totally inevitable. So too is the fact that our current handbag…


5 Flattering Blushes For Under $30!

We all love a beauty bargain. Who can resist the urge to scavenge through tubs or cosmetics at their local Priceline? I know I can’t!…

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What’s your desk missing? Pst! Meditation oil….

I’ve just realised that I do in fact enjoy cheap thrills, not the same ones that derailed celeb Charlie Sheen enjoys, but of the beauty…