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Get Gigi’s Glow: 5 products you need to look like a sun tanned goddess a la Gigi Hadid at the 2015 VMA’s

Gigi Hadid is a mega babe – we all know that. Being a model, she can pull off so many looks and is one of…

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Makeup To Match Your Star Sign & Colorology

If I asked you to choose from yellow, pink or sky blue, which would you choose? I bet you would all pick something completely different,…


How To Apply False Eyelashes: A Sexy Evening Makeup Look (Photo Tutorial)

Sexy evening makeup, in my humble opinion, all comes down to three things. 1) large voluminous lashes, 2) smokey brown eyeshadow and 3) glossy red…

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Kate Bosworth’s Choc-Berry Winter Makeup at Sundance Film Festival

  Winter makeup to me has always consisted of berry tones, matte skin and sultry eyes – even for day. Yet when searching for an…