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Stay Cool In The Heat: 8 Comfortable & Fashionable Denim Shorts To Live In This Summer

If there’s just one staple to live in over summer – it has to be a pair of denim shorts. A pair of comfortable, blue-wash,…

Prop yourself in front of a well lit mirror with all of your beauty tools and products in front of you. 

If you need some Victoria's Secret inspiration why not wear some sexy lingerie while following this makeup tutorial? 

...wink wink.

10 step tutorial to achieve Candice Swanepoel’s Makeup From Victoria’s Secret 2014

So you want to look like Candice Swanepoel, the lingerie-clad South African born model with blonde tresses and blue almond eyes. Welcome to the club!…

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To dye for: How Candice Swanepoel put white-blonde back on the shelf

Candice Swanepoel just made a verybrave decision. She put her faith in the hands of her hair-colourist and went white blond. Or white hot. Whatever…