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10 Good Reasons to check out the new Forever21 megastore in Pitt St Mall, Sydney



Forever21 has launched their first Australian flagship megastore in Sydney’s Pitt Street Mall.

I had the pleasure of checking out the brand spanking new store before it was officially opened last Wednesday and I was really impressed.

Here are 10 reasons why you should make the trek into Sydney’s CBD to have a look at the three-tiered fashion destination yourselves.


1. There are 3 levels of fashion – that’s right THREE. You’ll need at least an hour to flick through all of the racks on each level. Be warned – you will leave with something.

2. You can pick up wardrobe staples as cheap as $4.95! Yup, you can buy multiple singlets in an array of colours to wear under your knits this winter and still walk out with spare change.

3. Jeans are as cheap as $12.95! I know what you are thinking – ‘how even?’ but it’s true. I saw the sign with my own eyeballs.

4. You can now shop international fashion trends for a fraction of the price. Yes, you’ve heard that before at the launch of other stores like Zara and Topshop but in terms of cost, it kind of filters from most expensive to least expensive like this: Zara, Topshop, H&M and now Forever21.

5. You’ll feel like an American heading in to buy all of your outfits ahead of Spring Break. Crack open a can of Coke before sauntering in and you’ll feel right at home.IMG_0560

6. There are lots, lottssssss of versatile, layerable pieces. You will be able to fill any gaps in your wardrobe quickly without having to go from one store to the next. We’ve all had a shopping expedition in the past where we’ve tried to hunt down a key piece only to end up applying too many bandaids, popping copious amounts of Advil and exhibiting very sorrowful behaviour.

7. There are sections for all different sub genres of fashion. Think plenty of fun, girly paisley prints on the first level, more grown-up chic tailored pieces on the second level and even grungy denim and basics on the top level.

8. There’s a mens section! This basically means you can drag your boyfie along and claim you’re also looking for him, when in fact you’re really looking for yourself. Genius!

9. There’s an athletic section. I love when stores do this! It makes you feel less guilty for your splurges when they scan those new stretchy leggings because you’re doing something for your health.

10. Annnd a loungewear/sleep section – anything you will ever need to wear IN LIFE can be found on one of the three levels at Forever21 at Pitt Street Mall.

Have you taken a look inside the store yet? What do you find most appealing about Forever21?

SS x