August 18, 2014 0 Comments Fashion, Hair

2014 Spring Racing Carnival: 25 On-Trend Hats & Fascinators

rebecca judd racewearGirls, this years spring racing season should be approached with as much individuality and creativity as possible. Because really, how many opportunities do we get outside of our mundane ‘9 to 5’ to dress up as if we’re heading to the Mad Hatters tea party?

I’ve sourced the most stylish hats and fascinators from both low t0 high price points so that you’ll standout for all the right reasons – despite your budget.

Turn the other cheek when you spot boring clip-in fascinators (we all know them, the ones with a sad looking faux feather hear and a misplaced diamante there) while walking through your local shopping haunt – 2014 is not about that at all, have fun with fashion. Enjoy!