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How To: Get Diane Kruger’s Braid Seen At The Bridge LA Premiere

Diane Kruger Braid At The Bridge Premiere

Seriously, wowzers! How amazing is this double braided hairstyle that Diane Kruger rocked at The Bridge LA Premiere – but, if anyone could pull off this do’ it was her!

If you want to braid your hair like this (and impress a lot of people while you’re at it) follow the below step-by-step guide. It looks extremely intricate and tricky, but if you break down the following steps, it’s really just one small tight braid, and one larger braid layered on top that’s more relaxed. Simples!

1. Start with clean dry hair and spritz it all over with Schwarzkopfs OSIS Flatliner Iron Serum Spray to protect it from the heat of upcoming hair tools. It will also keep the bottom of your braid (where the hair is left to hang free) sleek and straight.

diane kruger braid bridge premier

2. My everyday hair straighter is GHD’s V Sunset Professional Styler in a gorgeous ombre purple colour. Straighten your hair from root to tip as if you were going to be wearing your hair out straight. No bumps and lumps please!

3.  Now, as you can see from the front on picture of Diane, she has what looks like a simple centre part with her hair tied loosely to the back. Wrong! Little do we know that from the crown of her head back, the centre panel of her hair has been tightly braided.

To begin the first braid, separate your hair neatly by taking a fine tooth comb, and from one ear to the other, create a horizontal part and pull the hair at the front of your face away and tie it securely. This step is similar to styling  your hair into a half up, half down do.

4. With the hair that’s still hanging onto the back of your shoulders, take the hair that sits next to both of yours ears (about 5cm width) and clip these out of the way as well.

You should now have one thinner panel of hair running vertically down from the crown of the head to the nape of your neck, like a runway strip.

diane full body shot


5. From the top of this section, braid all the way down to the nape of the neck and secure with an invisible elastic band. This is the tiny braid you see at the back of Diane Kruger’s hair.

6. Release all the hair that you’ve tied up at the beginning and give it a quick brush. Make sure to not ruin the braid you just created.

7. Taking thicker sections of hair from the front of your face, start to braid your hair in a very relaxed, effortless fashion. You don’t want this braid to be too tight because if you do, you’ll hide your intricate tight braid that’s layered underneath.

Keep braiding until you reach the nape of your neck. You’ll soon feel the pony tail from the original smaller braid, make sure to incorporate this hair into the larger softer braid to conceal it.

Stop braiding when you only have 5cm of hair left. Tie off your braid with an invisible elastic hair band like Diane has – you want to keep this style chic and simple! Woolworth’s stocks a pack for only $4.60.

8. Lastly, take Tony & Guy’s Creative Extreme Hold Hairspray and spray all over from 30cm’s away. You don’t want your head to look like a lacquered helmet – this is a relaxed beautiful look after all!

And that’s it! This look seems very complicated at first, but with a little time, patience and practice you’ll pull it off easily and receive billions of compliments.

Are you going to attempt Diane Kruger’s double braided hairstyle? What did you think of the outfit she wore to The Bridge LA Premiere by Mary Katrantzou?

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