May 19, 2014 0 Comments Celebrity Style

Kendall Jenner’s Embarrassing Moment At The Billboard Music Awards 2014

2014 Billboard Music Awards - Arrivals


Kendall, it’s lucky you are hot, that’s all I can say! I can image how mortified you would have been when you were ad-libbing on stage at this years Billboard Music Awards with all eyes on you (and how could they not be, amazing outfit!) and then you got so carried away talking about the latest IT boy band that you started to say One Direction when you knew the words that were meant to come streaming out of your mouth were 5 Seconds of Summer – our Aussie boy band. Tsk Tsk.

Watch the awkwardness for yourself:

We’ll forgive you though! You can thank your lucky stars that you have an impeccably applied tan, a face that resembles Disney’s Pocahontas and a body to make Miranda Kerr reel in shame. Perhaps just leave the presenting to the experts.

Lots of love,

SS x