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Nina Agdal, Chrissy Teigen & Lily Aldridge Illustrate 3 Gorgeous Beauty Looks

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They say luck comes in three, and I have to agree after spying this sizzling snap of Sports Illustrated models Nina Agdal, Chrissy Teigen and Lily Aldridge at a press junket for the men’s mag at Miami Beach.

If we cast their figure flattering outfits and their cutesy “We’re all best friends!” smiles to the side we can concentrate on the real winners in this photo – their completely different but ultra-pretty makeup and hair.

The three big beauty looks that pop out for me are Chrissy’s beachy waves, Lily’s smokey eyes and Nina’s red lip and top knot combo.

You can’t get these #winning looks without #winning products. You could say the above are relatively done and dusted in terms of being ‘beauty trends’, but I would say that they are now considered go-to staples – which in my humble opinion are often the hardest to perfect because we all know how we like to see them done.

Without rambling on any longer on the importance of perfecting classic beauty looks, here’s my breakdown on how to achieve each:

(1) Tony & Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Sea Salt Spray $15.99, (2) Benefit Smokin Eyes Kit $68, (3) Eylure ‘Oh Honey’ Katy Perry Lashes $14.99, (4) Lady Jane Bun Stylr $8.99, (5) M.A.C Russian Red Lipstick $36

Chrissy Teigan – Beachy Waves

Beachy waves are easy to obtain if you actually live by the beach. The salty air will naturally give you Bay Watch hair. For most urbanites, though, one key product is needed to sneakily steal this style – sea salt spray. My fave?  Tony & Guy Casual Sea Salt texturizing Spray (1). I’ve been using it for the past two years and have found it perfect to add grit to my strands and help to form nice waves – despite my length of hair. It also has a lovely fragrance – not salty at all!

To get the look thoroughly towel dry hair. Once 70% dry, spritz from your roots to your ends. Next, divide your hair in half horizontally from ear to ear. Take the hair at the top of your crown and wrap into a tight secure bun. Do the same with the hair left at the nape of your neck. Now blast both buns with your hair dryer and leave to set for at least fifteen minutes. Remove buns and take in your waves. #drool!

Lily Aldridge – Smokey Eyes

Get big beautiful eyes like Lily with Benefit’s adorable Smokin Eyes Kit (2). Everything you could possibly need to master this technique is within the compact. I love the dark chocolate shades, the illuminator, the teeny weeny brushes and the pair of trusty tweezers just in case you’re in between wax appointments. The kit even comes with a mini pamphlet illustrating exactly where and how to apply each product. Amazing.


Lastly, for eyes that will grab attention, apply Eylure Katy Perry ‘Oh Honey’ Lashes (3). I love the whole range by Eylure, but for this look the natural fakes are the best.

Nina Agdal – Top Knot & Red Lip Combo

What a killer combination. The red lip helps to make the top knot on-trend instead of simply school girl. To nail this look you need a statement red lipstick in a matte finish. I suggest M.A.C’s Russian Red (4), the hue flatters absolutely every skin tone and it’s extremely long wear without drying out the lips.

To perfect Nina’s neat top knot use a super handy mesh doughnut like this one by Lady Jane (5). Simple pull your pony tail through the doughnut, let your hair splay over the top covering all traces of its existence, then neatly twist the end of your strands around its circumference and secure with an invisible hair tie or bobby pins. Voila!

Which of the three looks have you mastered? Or, is there one you don’t normally wear that you’re now interested in? 

SS x