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Teen Wolf Holland Roden’s Makeup Tips


I seriously love red hair. I might even love it more than freckles, heterochromia (having two different coloured eyes – think David Bowie and Kate Bosworth) pale skin and big fros. Basically, I see more beauty in uniqueness.

Gorgeous golden locks are to be adored. I read an article recently by National Geographic that said the ginger gene will be breed out in the next 100 years because it’s not as dominant as brunettes or blondes. Seriously scary and depressing stuff. Red heads will one day be idolised like unicorns! Magical creatures that once were.

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Every time I see Holland Roden of Teen Wolf I think how sad this really is. My next thought is always that she needs to find a ginger future hubby to keep her genes alive! Perhaps Prince Harry?

This post is dedicated to Holland Roden and her striking beauty. This look (above) is my favourite of hers. Her green-hazel eyes look gorgeous paired with purple eyeshadow and dusty glitter. Lavender toned makeup always pairs beautifully with ginger hair, so if you happen to grow this magical colour pretty please try this look out. I promise you that you will get 597532 compliments.

Light Skin-Perfecting Foundation


Holland Roden has fair skin, so she’s smart to stick to a light and creamy formulation for her foundation. To copy her flawless skin I suggest you use Mary Kay’s TimeWise Luminous-Wear Foundation, $32. It offers your skin complete coverage while hydrating with a blend of vitamins, minerals and peptides. Your pores will also reduce in size thanks to the patented blend so you will look glowy all day long. Horray to that!

Contour & Highlight


Holland is rocking sculpted cheekbones. To achieve this look grab this fantastic palette that offers it all – Face Of Australia’s Glamazon Leopardess Contour and Highlight Kit, $9.95. The cute compact has an inbuilt mirror (great when you’re on the run) with two trays, one a shimmery highlighter and the other a matte bronzer to shade. Holland Roden has subtly chiselled just under the apples of her cheeks with a deep bronzer. To make the look natural she has swept the highlighter onto the top of her cheekbones and on her brow bones.

Peachy Pink Shimmery Lips


It took me a little while to pinpoint exactly what kind of lippy Holland was wearing. But, as most of us know, time reveals all! I spotted this fantastic dupe by M.A.C. It’s their Cremesheen Lipstick in Shy Girl, $36. It offers blocked-out colour for your lips in a delicious soft pinky peach tone with barely there shimmer. Coat your lips, blot with a tissue, then re-apply again for full intensity.

Lavender Eyes


My favourite aspect for this makeup look! I couldn’t believe my luck when I found this Napoleon Perdis Prismatic Eyeshadow Quad in Fire, $62. It’s the perfect match to replicate Hollands eyeshadow. If you look closely she has delicate purple tones as well as a bronze-filled crease (the area where your eyelid folds.) To copy the look, take the more muted gold tone (top right hand side of the palette) and sweep over the entirety of your eyelid up to the brow bone. Next, take the soft lilac shade and pat it onto the eyelid only. It’s time to create your defined cut-crease (that area where your skin folds when you open your eyes) with the deeper bronze tone (top left corner). With a blending brush swipe it back and forth along this fold until it’s blended perfectly. Lastly, with a small clean brush apply the darker purple colour to the outer v of your eyelid (outer corner of your eyelash bed to the beginning of that crease where we just shaded), once applied blend intensely! With that same brush with the deep purple shade, trace it along your bottom lash line.

Purple Waterline


It’s time to line your waterline with a bold purple eyeliner. Trace from your inner tear duct to the outer corner of your eye on the area just above where your bottom eyelashes grow. I love Chi-Chi’s Metallic Eyeliner in Purple Reign, $12.95. It glides really easy, but sets fast and doesn’t smudge. You won’t experience any ouchies when lining with this pencil because it’s so creamy. Oh, and it has a bold illuminated finish. Pretty!

Sprinkle the Sparkle


Holland Roden has the slightest sparkle on her eyelids. We can’t forget the glitter girls! Take Chi-Chi’s Scene Queen Purple Glitter Eyeliner ($19.95 for a pack of 3 colours) and place a gloop of the gel onto your index finger and dab off any excess before gently applying it to the outer corner of your eyes where your dark purple eyeshadow is. With the tiny fragments of sparkle still left on your finger, swipe them under your lower lash line like Holland has.

Thick Fluttery Lashes


Lastly, you want thick super flirty lashes that look real and not at all fake. In this instance you can’t use falsies (well, you could if you really wanted to), instead use Tom Ford’s Extreme Mascara, $60, and apply 3 coats from the root of your lashes to the very tips. Wait about 3o seconds to let each layer dry. Make sure to coat your bottom lashes too at least twice. Take in the thickness and length!