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The Mulberry Del Ray – When You Become A Fashion Designers Muse

The Mulberry Del Ray collection officially launched two years ago to encompass Lana Del Ray’s old school glamour. But guess what? This once limited edition range continues to sell like hot cakes, and because of this it’s become a permanent fixture of the English brand. In fact, the initial range only have 9 bags to it’s name – now there are 13.

Here is a great little video I found that shows the whole process of making this legendary Mulberry’s bag. The video is also sound tracked to Lana Del Rays Summertime Sadness, her most popular melancholy tracks.

It normally takes years developing connections within the style set to gain the privilege of having a high fashion label name a collection after you, even Alexa Chung, fashion’s It Girl had to wait years before the Alexa Mulberry satchel was born, and to great success.


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Lana Del Ray commented shortly after a press release heralded the news of her gaining this prestigious status symbol “I love the design, a perfect mix between old school Hollywood and contemporary style. It’s an honour that such a classic and prestigious brand would name a bag after me!”

Well said, to check out this beautiful collection click here.

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