September 28, 2011 0 Comments Fashion

Meringue rings

When two worlds, distinctly different, but on the same level of deliciousness merge together ( I’m talking jewellery and deserts) you are left with great results! These meringue rings are so cute! When I first spotted them I actually thought they were edible rings, much like the candy necklaces you could buy at the school canteen, but no! These bad boys are made with industrial strength silicone meaning they will last well buy viagra 200mg online beyond your initial cravings for something sweet!

The rings that are crafted by German Designer Tanja Hartmann, who is known for breaching tradition and in doing so taking out the title for ‘Modern jewelry collection – winner in 2010’ has won her accolades due to unique and ingenious designs. Her rings look so real that you immediately want to have a nibble! Luckily they are made out of silicone and not sugar and egg whites!