January 19, 2015 0 Comments Must Have

15 super chic easy-to-wear heels to buy right now

Untitled-1 Heels – they really can make or break an outfit.

Interestingly, they can also either elevate your calves or break your ankles.

I’ve seen one too many of my friends arrive to work with a swollen ankle on a Monday morning after experiencing what GP’s call PAFO – (Pissed and Fell Over – an Australian colloquialism).

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It’s a term doctors use for the many drunken injuries that end up rolling into their surgeries on Sunday and Monday mornings. Tsk tsk!

I don’t think that we should just stop buying pretty shoes out of fear of twisting our ankle though.

We’re actually very lucky that this season we can pick from a large array of heels that support the ankle while still looking sexy.

Here’s my roundup of the 15 most chic, yet comfortable heels on the market.

Which one’s have your heart beating faster?

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