February 1, 2016 0 Comments Must Have

Must Have Accessory: Smythson Textured Super Slim Wallets Perfect For Girls On-The-Go


Are you obsessed with one of the following:

a) Organisation

b) Textured goods (think pony-hair, raised-reptile print, fluffy pom-poms and glitter-finishes)

c) Luxury

d) Travel

If you answered yes to just one of these, I have an accessory for you that’s going to revolutionise your handbag and also add a whole lot of swag!

If you answered yes to all of the above, well, you might just kneel over and die.

smythson currency case croc print

Say hello to Smythson’s super slim wallets, made from beautiful textures (including glossy croc-effect leather and grainy calf leather) featuring many handy colour-coded compartments, great for the fashionable girl on-the-go looking to streamline her life.

We know Smythson, the British luxury stationary brand, more for their brightly coloured diaries and note books, but slowly we are becoming just as familiar with their leather wallets and cases.

For me, I wouldn’t really use this ‘wallet’ as an everyday money-holder. I would use it as an addition to my handbag to store small additional papers. The beauty of this large wallet is how flat and slim it is. You can easily layer and organise lots of miscellaneous notes.

I think if you travel a lot, or have a chaotic job that requires you to be super organised, you will fall in love with the functional nature of this very fashionable accessory. It’s kind of rare when something so pretty has a real purpose in our wardrobe!


Shop these beautiful wallets now at Net-A-Porter, $385 and Matches, $301.

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