August 19, 2014 0 Comments Must Have

Wardrobe Staple: The Most Stylish & Versatile Skirts Online


Picking an outfit each morning could be likened to deciding whether I prefer Blake Lively or Olivia Palermo’s fashion sense better – it’s a real brain boggler!

Sure I have a wardrobe filled with endless options (is this already starting to sound like you?), but when it comes to putting together an ensemble that will take me from a professional PR brunch in the morning, a quick drop by the local shops, a stop by the office (normally a very corporate affair!) to perhaps even dinner and drinks with a couple of girlfriends – it’s a toughie finding an outfit that doesn’t leave me looking out of place at some point in the day.

I’ve now trained my eyes to constantly scan for versatile and most importantly fashionable pieces. I no longer second guess if I need one of these ‘superhero wardrobe staples’ if I stumble upon one – they make my mornings SO much easier.

Take Dakota Fanning (above) in her chic navy skater skirt and cute Peter Pan collared top – I bet she snatched that skirt right off the rack so as to make her life a little more breezy in the morning!

Below I’ve picked out some gorgeous and stylish skirts online from Metalicus that are destined to be popped into my shopping cart – they tick all the right boxes because they are made from high quality materials, are completely flattering to the female form, and are all available at an affordable price point. Hallelujah, praise the fashion gods!

SS x