March 22, 2015 0 Comments Fashion, Must Have

Not your mothers pearls – 10 super stylish pearly fashion and beauty buys

tumblr_nljfdsHoZn1qhprtmo1_1280Pearls have long been a staple in many jewellery boxes – probably even your mother’s.

Although they’ve been a firm favourite for centuries, this nautical treasure is having a fashionable renaissance all over again, this time on an epic international level.

Just thank the world’s most chic street style bloggers for wearing pearls in an edgy and new way.

Instead of pairing strings of pearls with mumsy cardigans, they juxtaposed them against modern classics (think washed out denim and slouchy tees).

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For beauty fanatics, it’s not just pearl accessories that are trending – but pearlescent beauty products too!

Who doesn’t love a high-sheen finish on their nails of lips?

Below I’ve curated 10 of my favourite pearl picks so you can nail this look with edge.

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