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The ultimate man repeller – the now fashionable drop-waist dress

1427219944_julianne-hough-zoom There are some fashion pieces in our wardrobe that only our girlfriends will appreciate and never ever our boyfriends.

Example: Man-style tailoring and Sophia Webster feather embellished heels.

These are the fashion pieces that often speak to us instantly when we are out shopping. It’s only until we have arrived home that our significant others raise an eyebrow as if to say ‘really?’.

This is when I decide to wear said ‘man-repelling’ outfit out with my girlfriends – I’ll receive their sartorial accolades!

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I swear the girls from Sex And The City were single for so long because they just dressed too well. Men didn’t get it.9711bc25101b0fc91eafe01be4e53071

Ask fashionista Leandra Medine – She’s covered this topic the best and even came up with the popular fashion term Man Repeller: ‘She who outfits herself in a sartorially offensive mode that may result in repelling members of the opposite sex.’

The newest fashion piece to fall into this category is the drop-waist dress – which was first made popular in the 20’s and is making a raging comeback.

Yes they are chic, yes they are comfy, but they are a man repeller because they don’t show any curves whatsoever.

Stunning Julianne Hough wore a Monique Lhuillier drop-waist style dress recently in L.A. It was interesting to read the comments she received for her dress selection with everything from ‘That’s plain awful’ to ‘It’s an unconventional silhouette, but I find it a refreshing alternative to more conventional fits we see on the carpet’ being said.

I say put your bodycon aside and take this new style out for a whirl with the girls. You’re sure to get plenty of stares and lots of compliments from females all around you.

See my selection of gorgeous drop-waist dresses you can purchase online now.

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