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17 Christmas Day Moments Everyone Has Experienced In GIFS!


In anticipation of Christmas Day here are the most common, real, raw and awkward moments we all experience with our families on the 25th.


The fashion

Not quite knowing how to react to that Christmas outfit

giphy (17)

Saying hi to the relative who always dresses inappropriately


The gift giving

The excitement when it’s your turn to tear open some gifts

giphy (7)

Pretending to like something when you really kinda hate it

giphy (3)

When you’re told ‘that’s not your gift’

giphy (1)

When someone gifts you with a Christmas bauble on Christmas. What are you meant to do with it now? Christmas is over?!

giphy (9)

When you’re given an outfit totally your style and you decide to parade it straight away

giphy (2)

When the ‘brat’ in the family doesn’t get what they really want and you have to console them privately

giphy (15)

The ‘Merry Christmas’ phone calls

When you have to call relatives near and far and your sibling won’t stop chatting on the phone

giphy (13)

When you’re trying to have ‘family time’ and your brother or sister won’t stop tweeting, snap-chatting, instagraming and texting

giphy (6)

The Christmas lunch

So many options, so little time

giphy (5)

When you’ve eaten so much that your food coma is making you delirious

giphy (12)

All of the plates have been cleared, you’re filled to capacity, but you’re still picking at those chocolate-coated nuts – why?!

giphy (11)

Handling the relatives

There’s only one way. Drink.

giphy (4)

When your TMI aunty won’t stop blabbing about her new found love life

giphy (16)

When someone has said something so ridiculous you have to double check they are actually family

giphy (14)

After a long day with your family experiencing the good, the bad and the ugly you’re overcome by all of the feels

giphy (10)