September 18, 2011 0 Comments Art, Home Décor

You’re so kitsch

I’m known to be a huge fan of anything that is considered aesthetically ugly yet interesting, kitsch by definition. I’m notorious for coveting many tacky ornaments that I’ve hunted down in second-hand shops and for purchasing tops or dresses just because they feel ‘funny’.

To me the by-product of this strange and fascinating combination of ‘tacky’ meets ‘wonderful’ is undoubtedly, true beauty. It’s a genuine love for an object that I can’t ignore or walk away from.

Normally when I find items like this I am able to tell straight away that a ‘normal’ person would look down upon its obvious quirks, but me? My eyes open in awe, my heart generic viagra online beats that little bit quicker “I must be its proud new owner!” I exult internally with triumph.

Beauty after all is in the eye of the beholder, and if what I ‘behold’ is a compact-sized container in the form of an owl but with sweetly scented hand cream inside, then don’t be hating!

Cicada’s new book ‘State of Craft’ is going to be released in October and will be filled with an abundance of such objects. Inside will be an array of cute craft projects for those people like myself who always have a bottle of PVA glue on hand will absolutely adore.